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Democrats brazenly appointing a pro impeachment democrat to preside over the trial is not fair or impartial and hardly indicates any kind of unity for the country. No, unity is the opposite of this travesty we are about to witness.

Seth Meyers on impeachment: Trump counting on 'morally bankrupt GOP falling in line'

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) now on the floor, making a point of order that the impeachment trial of former President Trump is unconstitutional. Will force a vote on this. Likely there is a move to table, or set aside Paul’s point of order

Private citizens don’t get impeached. Impeachment is for removal from office, and the accused here has already left office.

Seth Meyers on impeachment: Trump counting on 'morally bankrupt GOP falling in line'

Sen. Toomey still on the impeachment fence.

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LIVE: @VoteStoddard  is live with @D2KSL  right now to discuss the bill he has opened to explore impeachment against @seanreyesag 

Ted Cruz, John Cornyn come out against Donald Trump's second impeachment trial

Senators to be sworn in for Trumpimpeachment trial

Biden’s Coronavirus Plan Calls for Americans to Stay Home and Watch Impeachment via @NewYorker  @BorowitzReport 


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I object to this unconstitutional sham of an “impeachment” trial and I will force a vote on whether the Senate can hold a trial of a private citizen.

I call on President Trump to resign. If he refuses, I call for impeachment.

“Unity and healing” doesn’t happen with cancel culture and impeachment.

If a president is not impeached and removed from office for seeking to overthrow the government of the United States in order to remain in power, I don't know what the Framers of the Constitution meant by impeachment.

Lincoln Project calls for immediate Houseimpeachment and Senate conviction of Trump to force his expedited removal from office.

Now it turns out that my phone call to the President of Ukraine, which many, including me, have called “perfect”, was even better than that. I predicted Biden corruption, said to call the A.G., who perhaps knew of the corruption during the impeachment hoax?

If I wasn’t constantly harassed for three years by fake and illegal investigations, Russia, Russia, Russia, and the Impeachment Hoax, I’d be up by 25 points on Sleepy Joe and the Do Nothing Democrats. Very unfair, but it is what it is!!!

The president of the United States has betrayed our country. That’s not a political statement—it’s a harsh reality, and we must act. He is a clear and present danger to the things that keep us strong and free. I support impeachment.

As hard as I work, & as successful as our Country has become with our Economy, our Military & everything else, it is ashame that the Democrats make us spend so much time & money on this ridiculous Impeachment Lite Hoax. I should be able to devote all of my time to the REAL USA!

I will be making a public statement tomorrow at 12:00pm from the @WhiteHouse  to discuss our Country’s VICTORY on the Impeachment Hoax!