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Research increasingly shows that victims of climate change disasters are left with deep psychological wounds — from anxiety after hurricanes to surges in suicide during heat waves — that the nation’s disaster response agencies are ill-prepared to treat.

ICYMI: First legal challenge filed yesterday against @NYCMayor 's plan to involuntarily take more mentally ill people to hospitals. Says it lowers the standard so much that it's unconstitutional and asks federal judge to block it:

The ill employee at Arby's, 735 S. Glenstone Ave., was sent home, and staff got a refresher on Missouri Food Code.

Strep A has killed 15 children in the UK since SeptemberPhil Day from @Pharmacy2U  explains the symptoms and what to do if your child becomes seriously ill

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Phil Day from @Pharmacy2U  looks at the symptoms of Strep A and what to do if your child becomes seriously ill

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Dirty Business: For good or ill, the Jan 6 Committee will soon release the full report of all the evidence on Donald J Trump, according to Zoe Lofgren. RT and thank the J6 Committee for all its investigative work. No one is above the law.

A new piece of legislation from U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth (ill'>D-Ill.) calls on the FAA to be more transparent about its long-held safety standard.

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The @nytimes  now admits that patients ill with Covid are getting better faster and at higher (much) percentages.

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I received this letter from a farmer in northeast Kansas. His wife is ill and he is aging. He sent me 1 of 5 N95 masks he has from farming to pass on to a doctor or nurse in New York. This is humanity at its best. I share his letter as inspiration.

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Dayton, 9 El Paso, 20 Virginia Beach, 12 Aurora, Ill., 5 Thousand Oaks, 12 Pittsburgh, 11 Annapolis, 5 Santa Fe, Tx., 10 Parkland, 17 Sutherland Springs, Tx., 26 Las Vegas, 58 Orlando, 5 Ft. Lauderdale, 5 Burlington, Wash., 5 Only the sites and numbers change; nothing else does.

Wow. Look at all these countries that don't have any mentally ill people

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Blames mental illness, but signed a bill allowing the mentally ill to buy guns & supprted healthcare reform that didn’t cover mental health