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Last chance, Nicola! Ian Blackford admits SNP have one final shot at independence dream

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ICYMI: The Yes campaign must not only win a second independence referendum it must win it big to help unite Scotland, Ian Blackford has insisted

The SNP's Ian Blackford says Boris Johnson “cosied up to Donald Trump and his callous world view" and called on the PM to take responsibility in turning the page on the "dark chapter". The PM said it was important for UK and US leaders to have “the best possible relationship”.

'I somehow thing we've lost Ian Blackford': Lloyd Evans on the words that brought joy to the Commons

"Turning the page on the dark chapter of Trump's presidency... is also the responsibility of those in the Tory Party who cosied up to Donald Trump," says SNP's Ian Blackford PM says it's his job to have "best possible relationship" with US president #PMQs 

Ian Blackford says Scottish fisherman are losing money due to "bureaucracy and delays" at the EU border. In response, Boris Johnson says "it's the policy of the SNP to break up the United Kingdom". #PMQs 

Ian Blackford claims ‘Brexit red tape’ is causing fresh seafood to be lost, via @AlexofBrown 


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Why is SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford allowed to ask a question about restrictions that only affect England? #coronavirusuk 

Ian Blackford says Johnson has to sack him immediately, says PM's chief aide 'wilfully disobeying' govt's own rules

"People are not going to thank you for asking them to come out and vote in a general election when we're in the middle of winter." The SNP's Westminster leader Ian Blackford says Boris Johnson's proposals for a December election are "barking mad."

'Or I will give him this promise; he'll find himself back in the courts next week' Ian Blackford criticises the 'hypocrisy' of @BorisJohnson 's #QueensSpeech  for being 'heavy on law and order from a prime minister that's prepared to break the law'

"Not only is the member racist, he is stoking divisions in communities and has a record of dishonesty." The SNP's ian blackford'>Westminster Leader Ian Blackford says Boris Johnson is "not fit for office".

SNP's Ian Blackford welcomes "the last prime minister of the United Kingdom" to his new job, telling Boris Johnson he is "horrified" he has entered Downing Street "through such an undemocratic process" Live updates:

SNP's Ian Blackford calls Boris Johnson "racist", saying the Tory leadership frontrunner is "stoking division, and has a record of dishonesty" #PMQs  updates:

SNP's Ian Blackford says Boris Johnson "has made a career out of lying", saying Conservatives are faced with a choice between him and "the most incompetent health secretary in our history" as their next leader #PMQs 

? They actually said this… again! Tory MPs told Ian Blackford to go home, exposing what the Tories truly think of Scotland.

"Go back to Skye" says Nicholas Soames as Ian Blackford rises to speak in Commons .. time we all went back to Scotland tbh like any self-respecting country.