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Upsurge in activities of illegal fund managers worry SEC -

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#CNF IMF “embellishes” report on the government’s economic management in 2022. Three independent economists consulted by Confidencial believethe International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) Executive Directors continue to be accommodating towards ...

The Biden administration on Thursday said 15 Native American tribes will get a total of $580 million this year to fund settlements that ensure access to water that's legally theirs.

House Bill 1615 would create an education savings fund for certain students across the state that want to explore options other than attending a public school.

Finance Secretary Benjamin Diokno said on Friday he opposed the proposal to get funding for the Maharlika Investment Fund from the dividends of government-owned and controlled corporations.

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Senior Vice President Maryam Nawaz on Thursday said that the government’s hands were tied regarding inflation due to Pakistan’s agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Visit: #etribune  #news  #MaryamNawaz  #IMF 


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I’m moving $1B of my Square equity (~28% of my wealth) to #startsmall  LLC to fund global COVID-19 relief. After we disarm this pandemic, the focus will shift to girl’s health and education, and UBI. It will operate transparently, all flows tracked here:

You want to fix policing? Remove their immunity so that they can be sued, and if you win, damages come out of the department's pension fund instead of from taxpayers. They'll clean house on their own. Quickly.

SUNAK AND HIS SHARES IN MODERNA? I am not giving in on this. Through his hedge fund Theleme which has invested £1 BILLION in Moderna he may hold large financial interest SUNAK REFUSES TO ANSWER THE QUESTION ANSWER IT & why aren't news shows asking him?

In 2020, Damar Hamlin started a GoFundMe to purchase toys for children in his community. The initial goal was $2,500. Tonight, it has garnered more than a million dollars in donations ❤️

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BREAKING: Social Security Chief Actuary: Trump's proposal to eliminate payroll taxes would deplete the Social Security Trust Fund by 2023, "with no ability to pay benefits thereafter."

Florida passed a $15 minimum wage Montana, South Dakota, Arizona & New Jersey legalized marijuana Colorado passed 12 weeks of paid family leave Arizona increased taxes on the rich to fund education All over America, voters approved a progressive agenda. Now, Congress must act

Please stop calling undocumented people who pay taxes “freeloaders”. A freeloader is a trust-fund billionaire who pays $0 in federal income taxes for 10 out of 15 years and then receives top-notch government-funded health care when he gets sick.

"Your indifference cost these men and women their most valuable commodity: time." Jon Stewart receives a standing ovation from 9/11 first responders after slamming lawmakers for failing to fund programs providing healthcare to the first responders

Many reports of peaceful protests by Iranian citizens fed up with regime’s corruption & its squandering of the nation’s wealth to fund terrorism abroad. Iranian govt should respect their people’s rights, including right to express themselves. The world is watching! #IranProtests 

Here's what I know. Republicans walked away from negotiations last night, and this morning showed up with: - no real funding to save hospitals - no real funding to save states - slush fund for corporations - no-strings bailouts for corporations This is $1.5T. Do it right.