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A Tonga volcano eruption was the most powerful since the Krakatoa eruption in 1883 and even showed "unusual electric currents" from outer space.

Tonga volcano eruption was largest ever recorded in over a century, scientists say

Hunga eruption's incredible shockwaves 'once-a-century' event

Volcano effects in Space?? NASA Mission Finds Tonga Volcanic Eruption did just that...

The volcanic eruption on an island near Tonga in January was as powerful as the 1883 Krakatoa eruption in Indonesia, one of the deadliest and most destructive volcanic events on record.

The study found Tonga's volcanic eruption was the biggest explosion ever recorded, dwarfing nuclear blasts conducted after World War II. #9News 

The volcanic eruption in Tonga was the biggest explosion ever recorded by modern sensors. #9News  READ MORE:

Tonga volcanic eruption the biggest explosion ever recorded, study finds. #9News 

Tonga eruption was 'record atmospheric explosion'


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BREAKING: Satellite image captures Tonga's Hunga volcano erupting (Source: @US_Stormwatch )

The people of Tonga were recently connected with Starlink

An undersea volcano erupted in spectacular fashion near the Pacific nation of Tonga on Saturday, sending large waves crashing across the shore. A tsunami advisory is in effect for Hawaii and the U.S. Pacific coast

WATCH: Satellite imagery shows shockwave as Tonga's Hunga volcano erupts, causing tsunami

Peru declared an "ecological disaster" after an oil spill leaked 6,000 barrels. The Repsol refinery blamed the tsunami from Tonga’s volcano. The spill hit critical sea habitats and fishermen say their livelihoods are destroyed: "They have just destroyed a base of biodiversity."

Our amazing Earth - today's eruption of of the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Haʻapai volcano, from space. The shockwave through our atmosphere amazes me. (from )

Let us #PrayTogether  for the people of the islands of Tonga, who were struck in recent days by a volcanic eruption that has caused enormous material damage. We ask the Lord to relieve the suffering of these brothers and sisters.

Every country in the world that offers ZERO weeks of paid family leave: 1. Marshall Islands 2. Federated States of Micronesia 3. Nauru 4. Palau 5. Papua New Guinea 6. Suriname 7. Tonga 8. THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

Tonga played Samoa at the Rugby League World Cup ... and their pregame faceoff was INTENSE.

Young bulls got the juice ??? (via team_duse, journee_tonga, boogieballin, bankroll_byrdjr/Instagram)