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The root of the problem lies in the imbalance in the lives of Israelis and Palestinians that human-rights groups are now openly calling apartheid

@CRONUGVA  has donated $10K to support our Office's #humanrights  work. You can donate too:

Syrians fleeing have seen their refugee protection removed in Denmark because the Danish government now deems Damascus—where some had previously been living—safe. Human-rights groups contest the claim that any part of Syria is safe for returnees

Tuesday’s headlines from the @UN  News team 🎙: - 100 days into Myanmar coup, ‘brutal’ repression continues: HumanRightsHumanRights' alt='UNHumanRightsHumanRights' /'>@UNHumanRightsHumanRights  - Mid East violence escalates - Yazidis killings were @UN ITAD_IraqGenocide - ITAD_Iraq

#Egypt's parliament lauds efforts to draft strategy for the protection of #humanrights 

"Palestine is where international human-rights consensus collides with the North American political consensus."

These are the depraved human-rights abusers we get to spy on our kids (they also provide censorware for corporate, hotel and airport wifi!), and you know what? They've got TERRIBLE judgment. 17/

Reportedly, #China  lays down a market on #Xinjiang  #Uighurs  #genocide . But revealingly, not in public: #humanrights 

The G7 have singled out China's alleged human-rights abuses to its actions on Taiwan and incursions in cyberspace.

How will Facebook’s Oversight Board rule on Donald Trump? A lot will depend on how the board interprets human-rights law


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In Myanmar, "human-rights campaigners are asking energy companies in the country like Total and place the revenue in escrow accounts until civilian rule is restored." No funding the junta and its severe repression.

So Hunter Biden is directly profiting off the suffering of the Uyghurs. Does @JoeBiden  have anything to say about this? Will the media even ask him about it?!? Free Beacon: Hunter Biden Holds Stake in Chinese Company Sanctioned for Human-Rights Abuses

The U.S. has blacklisted Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, and two current and former officials, as human-rights groups call for action against abuses of China’s ethnic Muslim population

The president pleaded with Chinese leader Xi Jinping for domestic political help, subordinated national-security issues to his own re-election prospects and ignored Beijing’s human-rights abuses

"This is not just a civil-rights issue," the president of the Minneapolis chapter of the N.A.A.C.P. said. "This is a human-rights issue, and the fact is that black people’s humanity is being denied constantly."

China’s crackdown on Hong Kong will end its status as a haven for human-rights groups

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Cicilline: “The idea of Donald Trump leading an anti-corruption effort is like Kim Jong Un leading a human-rights effort. It’s just not credible.”

“Ever get the feeling you’ve been had?” The end today saw a team owned by a member of the royal family of a human-rights abusing regime, all outfitted in jerseys showcasing one of their companies, lifting a trophy sponsored by that company. What is this?

People & organizations who are issuing statements saying 'Hamas is to blame' for Israel killing Palestinian protesters, including kids, & who say nothing critical about Israel should never be taken seriously on any international issue again. Especially any human-rights issue.