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Watch out: 5G is turning into a big political issue in France. It's not about Huawei but the impact of electromagnetic radiation on health. Greens are making a big stand.

WATCH: Huawei phone prices rise in China on fears of chip shortage

WATCH: Demand for Huawei phones in China has risen steadily over the past month as consumers are increasingly worried over the supply of components for newer handsets

WATCH: Chinese consumers are rushing to buy smartphones from Huawei featuring its high-end Kirin chips, fearing curbs on the firm’s access to U.S. technology will soon cut off production of its premium handsets

WATCH: Chinese consumers who are increasingly worried over supply of components are rushing to buy smartphones from Huawei featuring its high-end Kirin chips, as the U.S. government last year moved to prevent most U.S. companies from conducting business with the company

WATCH: An op-ed in China's state media calls Nvidia's plan to buy chip designer Arm 'disturbing.' It said Chinese companies now subject to U.S. restrictions, like phone maker Huawei, risk getting cut off from Arm chips $NVDA

#ChinaSnoopGate | If I were to be in a position of making policies then I would have made the point that letting Huawei build India’s 5G infrastructure it would be suicidal: @sreemoytalukdar  (Senior Editor, Firstpost). Watch#TheRightStand  with @AnchorAnandN .

If Huawei or other Chinese companies were to get into US networks, it would severely impact the ability to share intelligence with allies, says US #SecDef  @EsperDoD  @DeptofDefense  in an IISS Special Presentation. Watch the full address |

Years before Trump cited spying concerns in pushing to ban TikTok and WeChat, and ratcheting up sanctions against Chinese telecom giant Huawei, Shenzhen-based DJI was already under close watch as a potential national security threat

WATCH: Huawei plans to introduce its Harmony operating system on smartphones next year, as U.S. restrictions have cost it full access to Google's Android OS


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Huawei is repeatedly accused of being owned or funded by the Chinese government. Truth is, Huawei is a private company & is 100% employee-owned. Watch the video for the facts, so next time you hear someone say #Huawei  is state-funded, you’ll know those allegations aren’t true.

Huawei VP & #Fintech  expert #BillGenovese  explains how #COVID19  has impacted the financial world, the role of tech & what that means for you. Watch now on #HuaweiBlog 

Breaking news #Exclusive  senate briefing last wk includes proposal for US US to acquire minority stakes in @nokia  @ericsson  $2-3Bln -as part of larger $10B + plan w EU gov's to challenge Huawei@SundayFutures  @FoxNews  @MorningsMaria  @FoxBusiness  Watch#AG  Barr interview

False allegations by US officials and the @WSJ  against #Huawei  of planting “backdoors” in mobile phone networks have been nothing but a smokescreen. Watch Huawei VP of Corporate Communications Karl Song deliver our response to the @bopanc  “backdoor” story. #HuaweiNewsN  @skybamakoews 

By 2025, 77% of the world’s population will have access to the internet. How can we deal with challenges of #cybersecurity  and ethics in #AI  for a more reliable and trustworthy digital ecosystem? Watch experts give their answers at Huawei's 2019 #TrustInTech  Symposium in London.

Huawei ICT Academy fosters talents by introducing them to new technologies, #hoping  it leads to #future  employment #opportunities . #Huawei  ICT Competition 2018-19 involved 100,000 students worldwide — watch the highlights of the Global Final: Now #HuaweiNow 

When you work, fight and spend so much time together, you become like #family . This is how Principal Engineer Ye Dwe feels about his team at Huawei Myanmar. Watch his story. #HuaweiLife  #WhoAreWe 

Huawei Deputy Chairman Ken Hu explains progress with 5G & how we can overcome 3 major challenges to unleashing its immense potential. Read more at #HuaweiBlog , and watch the keynote here ➡️ #HWMBBF  #5GGearUp  #HuaweiNow 

The indictments against Huawei show that America will not passively watch as our national security & economic interests are put at risk by foreign companies. We will not stand for China challenging and taking advantage of our American system.

AI is so much more than just two words, thanks to #AI  developers. Watch this inspiring video to learn how Huawei’s AI development platform, #ModelArts , can inspire people of all ages to activate intelligence: