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#BREAKING : First commercial flight in nearly six years takes off fro #Yemen  ’s Houthi-held Sanaa on Monday

The Yemen Airways flight, with 151 passengers on board, was bound for Jordan's capital of Amman, according to media outlets run by the houthi'>Iran-backed Houthi rebels.

The Yemen government has accused the Houthi rebels of attacking the oil-rich province of Marib despite a two-month ceasefire brokered by the UN.

UN Envoy Overcomes the Obstacle of Houthi Travel Documents from Sanaa

Yemen’s government officials, human rights activists, religious figures and journalists have warned families living in Houthi-held areas against sending their children to the militia’s summer camps

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#BREAKING: Coalition blames deaths of migrants in Al-Raqu border region on Houthi attacks

Grundberg in Aden to Consolidate #Yemen  Truce amid Mounting Houthi Violations

Grundberg in Aden to Consolidate #Yemen  Truce amid Mounting Houthi Violations

Yemeni government vows to uphold UN-brokered truce despite Houthi violations

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Houthi Violations Escalate Amid Yemeni Army's Commitment to UN Truce


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#WATCH : Delhi | We were stuck there for 3.5 months. We're grateful that Indian Govt & the PM did tough negotiations & rescued us...:Mohmmad Munawar, Sailor from Mumbai 7 sailors held captive by Houthi rebels in Yemen were rescued by the Indian govt with the help of the Oman govt

BREAKING: Houthi missile hits Aramco oil facility in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

BREAKING: Saudi energy officials say Houthi attacks on oil facilities in Jeddah target global energy markets at a sensitive time

NEW - #Houthi  strike just hit an #Aramco  facility in #Jeddah , on the eve of the #SaudiArabia  Grand Prix.

The world's largest oil processing facility has been hit in a drone attack. Yemen's Houthi rebels have said they were behind the strikes on Saudi Arabia's Abqaiq plant. Read the full story here:

4/ Saudi Arabia sent Wahhabi settlers into Houthi areas to try to dilute Zaidism and increase Saudi influence in north Yemen. The Houthi resistance to the Saudis, and their patron governments in the Yemeni capital, grew and grew.

9/ Over time, the Houthis have turned to Iran for more and more help. The Iranians don't have a command and control relationship with Houthis, but their influence grows every day the war continues. Houthi drones likely come from Iran.

Despite Yemen's Houthi rebels claiming responsibility for drone attacks on Saudi oil refineries, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blamed Iran. Iran's foreign minister said Pompeo was turning from "max pressure" to "max deceit."

The houthi'>Iranian-planned Houthi attacks, which are strongly denounced by the international community, reveal their terrorism and never affects our stability and development.