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According to data analyzed by PRS Legislative Research, if the winter session of Parliament is put off on account of covid-19 this year would have just 33 sittings of both Houses@just_anuja , @gyanvarma  report)

Prime Minister expressed happiness that Parliament proceedings continued even during the pandemic, with new regulations and several precautionary measures. He added that both houses worked even on weekends for ensuring smooth proceedings in the Monsoon Session: PMO

Press Release on Lower House’s Vote of Confidence to 10 Ministerial Nominees Presidential Palace, Kabul: President Ashraf Ghani expresses gratitude to the Lower House of the Parliament for giving vote of confidence to the ministerial nominees...

4/ A copy of the treaty must be laid before parliament so MPs, Lords and committees can take an informed view. Under section 20 of CRAG there’s a period of 21 sitting days one day after receipt of the treaty (both houses must be sitting) for scrutiny

In 1605, a group of Catholic conspirators, including the now infamous Guy Fawkes, devised a plan to blow up the Houses of Parliament. Their aim was to overthrow the government, kill King James I, and make James’s daughter a Catholic head of state. 🧵⬇️

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Demonstrators dressed as chickens, a cow and Pres. Donald Trump gathered near the Houses of Parliament to protest a proposed U.S.-U.K. trade deal that activists say will lower food standards.

At one point, a group of protesters standing outside the Houses of Parliament sang a song with a chorus of: “You can stick your phoney virus up your arse" In that context, it's not surprising that risk assessments drawn up to meet requirements of coronavirus laws are violated

A protester dressed as Spiderman has climbed scaffolding outside the Houses of Parliament and unfurled a banner there. For the latest videos, head here:

A protester dressed as Spiderman has climbed scaffolding outside the Houses of Parliament and unfurled a banner there. For the latest videos, head here:


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The Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 was passed by both Houses of Parliament with overwhelming support. Large number of political parties and MPs supported its passage. This Act illustrates India’s centuries old culture of acceptance, harmony, compassion and brotherhood.

In his speech to both Houses of Parliament, Rashtrapati Ji lucidly highlighted India’s successes in a wide range of sectors as well as how the fruits of development are transforming the lives of 130 crore Indians.

I thank all parties and MPs who have supported the passage of The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill, 2019 in both Houses of Parliament. They have risen to the occasion and this step of theirs will forever be remembered in India’s history.

Both Houses of Parliament unanimously passed two important bills pertaining to Jammu and Kashmir. These bills were passed after rich debates, enriched by participation of MPs across party lines. I thank all parties for their support. Such bipartisan support is gladdening.

Union Home Minister Shri @AmitShah ’s speeches in both Houses of Parliament were comprehensive and insightful. Those who want a clearer understanding of the Kashmir issue must hear his speeches.

Protesters wearing red jumpsuits and hats marked "Trump Babysitters" were working on an inflatable depicting President Trump as a baby, dressed in a diaper. The balloon will fly over Parliament Square, a stone's throw from the Houses of Parliament.

Passage of The Constitution (One Hundred And Twenty-Fourth Amendment) Bill, 2019 in both Houses of Parliament is a victory for social justice. It ensures a wider canvas for our Yuva Shakti to showcase their prowess and contribute towards India’s transformation.

Earlier today, Rashtrapati Ji gave a thoughtful and comprehensive address to both Houses of Parliament, outlining the work done by the Government and the road ahead, as we all work together to build a New India.

Deputy speaker announces UK Houses of Parliament suspended after incident on Westminster Bridge