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"Justice for Tyre Nichols" protest outside the White House@AFP  #TyreNichols 

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House Republicans are threatening to challenge Representative Ilhan Omar's membership on the Intelligence Committee, a clash that presents a challenge to Speaker Kevin McCarthy

The House Republican Caucus is almost too imbecilic to satirize, but @franifio  nonetheless nails it in this imagined investigative proceeding.

A Local Paper Sounded the Alarm on George Santos. Nobody Listened via @NewYorker  @GOP  @HouseGOP  @GOPChairwoman 

The Senate named the committee members who will investigate her actions, starting next week.

Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel won her bid Friday to lead the GOP for two more years, prevailing in an election that highlighted fierce internal divisions that threaten to plague the party into the next presidential season.

Donald Trump has ended his long-running legal fight with two congressional committees over access to his financial records now that Republicans have a House majority

@lucatimusic  I'm being dead serious. Master tempo, for 98/100 times in house at least, sounds worse than with it off. if you're doing extreme pitch changes, sure, turn it on, but it does make the song sound worse 100%

"Both like the idea of eventually dedicating a yet-to-be-purchased (fifth) house to Christmas exclusively, with a tree up and carols playing year-round." On the Fifth Try, a First Date to Remember - The New York Times

Zients will step into his new role as Biden faces the biggest personal ethics crisis of his presidency surrounding his mishandling of classified government documents.


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As (outgoing) Chair of House Intelligence, did you approve hidden state censorship in direct violation of the Constitution of the United States @RepAdamSchiff  ?

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#LouisVuitton is pleased to welcome @bts_bighit  member #SUGA  as new House Ambassador. #BTS 

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#LouisVuitton is pleased to welcome @bts_bighit  member #Jimin  as new House Ambassador. #BTS 

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#LouisVuitton is pleased to welcome @bts_bighit  member #JungKook  as new House Ambassador. #BTS 

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A glimpse behind the scenes with @bts_bighit  for @RollingStone  Magazine. The #LouisVuitton  House Ambassadors and world-renowned group are featured wearing pieces from @virgilabloh ’s #LVMenSS21  Collection. #LVEditorials  #BTS  #RM  #Jin  #SUGA  #jhope  #Jimin  #V  #JungKook 

#Jin in #LVMenSS22 . The @BTS_twt  member and House Ambassador wears an oversized #LouisVuitton  coat by Virgil Abloh in the January 2022 Special Editions of @VogueKorea  and @GQKOREA . #BTS 

#Jin in #LouisVuitton . The @BTS_twt  member and House Ambassador is photographed for the January 2022 Special Editions of @VogueKorea  and @GQKOREA  in pieces from the #LVMenSS22  Collection by Virgil Abloh. #BTS