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Rep. Chris Jacobs, R-N.Y., said Friday that he would vote to ban AR-15 assault rifles if a bill came to the floor of the House.

My Sunday Times piece today: 70 years of inflation, house prices, tax and economic progress: Platinum Jubilee marks 70 years of inflation, tax and surging house prices

Mass shooting after mass shooting, both Republicans and Democrats in D.C. agree there's still little chance legislation surrounding gun laws will be passed by a narrowly divided Congress.

This 26-year-old med student bought a house by selling used clothes: Without the side hustle, "I wouldn't even have a savings account." (via @CNBCMakeIt )

We issued a reminder for people to register their appliances after a house fire in #Putney  #thisweek . The blaze is believed to have been accidental and involved a fridge

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The White House has shown an increased willingness to give Ukraine weapons as the war in Ukraine has dragged on and U.S. aims shift toward seeing a “weakened” Russia.

When George Kinoti took over the mantle of DCI Chief in 2018, the expectations were that like his predecessors, he would move out to a bigger house befitting his new status.

The Meat House is a community hub, a butcher, a restaurant and grocery bringing some Brazilian sunshine

The Palmer House, which costs $750 per night, includes three bedrooms and two baths, enough room to comfortably fit six guests. Take a peek inside:


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Louis Vuitton presents the Men's Fall-Winter 2021 Collection by Virgil Abloh in Seoul featuring House Ambassadors BTS.

#LouisVuitton is pleased to welcome @bts_bighit  member #SUGA  as new House Ambassador. #BTS 

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#LouisVuitton is pleased to welcome @bts_bighit  member #Jimin  as new House Ambassador. #BTS 

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#LouisVuitton is pleased to welcome @bts_bighit  member #JungKook  as new House Ambassador. #BTS 

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Beyond the Scene. World renowned group @bts_bighit  join as #LouisVuitton  House Ambassadors. The group was nominated at this year’s Grammy Awards for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. #BTS  #RM  #Jin  #SUGA  #jhope  #Jimin  #V  #JungKook 

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A glimpse behind the scenes with @bts_bighit  for @RollingStone  Magazine. The #LouisVuitton  House Ambassadors and world-renowned group are featured wearing pieces from @virgilabloh ’s #LVMenSS21  Collection. #LVEditorials  #BTS  #RM  #Jin  #SUGA  #jhope  #Jimin  #V  #JungKook 

#Jin in #LVMenSS22 . The @BTS_twt  member and House Ambassador wears an oversized #LouisVuitton  coat by Virgil Abloh in the January 2022 Special Editions of @VogueKorea  and @GQKOREA . #BTS 

#Jin in #LouisVuitton . The @BTS_twt  member and House Ambassador is photographed for the January 2022 Special Editions of @VogueKorea  and @GQKOREA  in pieces from the #LVMenSS22  Collection by Virgil Abloh. #BTS 

Time for Republican Senators to step up and fight for the Presidency, like the Democrats would do if they had actually won. The proof is irrefutable! Massive late night mail-in ballot drops in swing states, stuffing the ballot boxes (on video), double voters, dead voters,