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South Africa’s critical infrastructure - energy, passenger rail, freight rail, and water - has been destroyed over the past 15 years. Here are the (scary) stats. 🔐

On Prasa: In the first 11 months of 2022, there were 17.2 million rail passenger journeys in South Africa. That’s a 97% decline from a decade before (506.7 million). Yet Prasa now employs 2 000 more than it did in 2012. What on earth are all those extra employees doing?

#COVID -19 has demonstrated that any crisis increases the inequality gap. Women in Africa have less access to information, markets, credits, and health services #GenderSmartPolicies  #FeministFutures  More:

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An Enron-like accounting scandal at South Africa-based furniture group Steinhoff International wiped out billions of retail tycoon Wiese’s fortune. After a four-year battle, he’s back as one of Africa’s richest, and at peace with the world.

South Africa’s energy crisis is expected to dominate discussions at this year’s Mining Indaba which kicks off in Cape Town on Monday.

Russia’s Foreign Minister is in Iraq after an important trip to South Africa last month, which may be part of Russia’s attempt to carve out a new world order where Russia believes it can confront the US. - analysis #Russia  | #Iraq  | #Lavrov 

Russia’s Foreign Minister is in #Iraq  after an important trip to South Africa last month. This is part of #Russia ’s attempt to carve out a new world order in which Russia believes it can confront the US.


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Elon Musk shouting "I'm rich, bitch," while the sound people at Chappelle's show honk a horn to drown out the boos from the crowd is one of the saddest videos I've ever seen.

Elon Musk came from a family that owned an emerald mine in Apartheid South Africa. Bill Gates’ mom helped Microsoft get a deal with IBM. Jeff Bezos’ garage-based start was funded by a quarter-million dollar investment from his parents. “Self-made billionaires” are a myth.

Queen Elizabeth was not universally loved in Africa. My CNN live report on colonialism, fairytales and the Africans who refuse to mourn her death

i’ve been waiting for this moment!! @fentybeauty  & @fentyskin  are finally dropping in AFRICA!!! Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe...we comin at ya May 27th and that’s just the beginning!!! #FentyAfrica 

Huge day of Irish sport. First up @FAIreland  v Belgium and then straight after South Africa v ireland in the rugby. Can't wait . #COYBIG 

Sixteen of the 23 players on France’s team come from families that recently immigrated to the country, most of them from Africa. Seven players are Muslim. A testament to how immigrants enrich a country’s culture.