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I hope regulators are watching WSB. Manipulating the markets should be reserved for rich hedge funders with 200-page slide decks, delivered to exclusive audiences behind closed doors.

#KamalaHarris has been critical of #India ’s annexation of #Kashmir  in 2019, raising hope for change in the region

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Longs, remember to ride the hype, just never believe it, enjoy the runs on junk like $GME $EXPR $AMC $AMTX $BANT $OZSC $AITX $TSNP $ABML $ABQQ $COUV & so many more, just remember to sell into strength, don't hold & hope, relying on pumpers who will go down with the ship over time

It's always a struggle with anxiety for me. It's been particularly difficult in the last few months. This book has helped me. I hope it might help some of you too.

Take a good look at $GME & realize why I haven't shorted ANY stock in months, this is the wrong market as the $DIA $SPY $QQQ try to teach short sellers every day, but they don't like to listen. They just like pain & I hope they get therapists instead as that would be much cheaper

"It's the classic parenting problem: take away the candy and you'll get a tantrum. But keep on suppling candy, it doesn't make things any easier," says @elerianm . "At some point you've got to really hope that the fundamentals will improve fast enough to validate the marketplace."

#Breaking | India-China push for early disengagement of frontline troops. 'Hope to build greater trust'. Details by Srinjoy Chowdhury.

Lynette Fay: Biden and Harris have a mountain to climb but they offer hope

This will find very sympathetic juries and judges. Hope his E & O is paid up (I know, he's rich) "Voting machine firm Dominion files defamation lawsuit seeking $1.3 billion from Rudy Giuliani, a lawyer for former president Trump"

“I hope one day I [will] work in an asylum office, and help people get asylum.” While Sofia waits for her #asylum  interview, she is translating the stories of asylum seekers for an NGO, allowing their stories to be heard. More in @shwayder_aviva ’s latest