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Hope all fans get into stadium safely. This should not be happening. Sounds like poor organization

"We can afford to lose money - even a lot of money. But we can't afford to lose reputation - even a shred of reputation."- Warren BuffettHope AMC's pin this Quote on their walls. In business of managing money you can't afford to lose trust of the customer- Terminal Value Risk

Scarborough’s Leonard Miller has become this year’s most intriguing NBA draft prospect. “I’m just a kid out of Scarborough; I beat the odds. It gives everybody else in my community hope coming up that are young.”

Japan quickly opened its borders to Ukrainian refugees, but the country has a long history of denying entry to people seeking safety from conflicts. Human rights activists hope that will now change.

Off to bed. Not sure what we’ll be reporting from Paris tomorrow - I really hope it’s the result.

If you’re a Liverpool fan, or a football fan, these images bring about a reminder of a very dark time. I hope everyone is okay.

Whatever is going on re: fan access outside of Stade de France, and it doesn’t look good, let’s hope everyone is okay. Meanwhile, this is quite a tap dance that @kate_abdo  and friends are doing with this extended kickoff delay. #ChampionsLeagueFinal  #UCLfinal 

New Yorkers deserve to feel safe. We hope safety and trust can be established again. Too many people rely on public transportation to provide necessities for their families.

“There’s one message I hope you take from me today: This is no time to be on the sidelines,” President Biden told University of Delaware grads. “We need all of you to get engaged in public life and the life of this nation.”

Nearly 10 years ago, the mass shooting of children at Sandy Hook Elementary School looked like it might lead to a breakthrough in the political stalemate on guns in the United States. That hope was dashed.


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I hope that even my worst critics remain on Twitter, because that is what free speech means

The secret is out! hope'>J-Hope of @BTS_twt  and @iambeckyg  just dropped their new collab #ChickenNoodleSoup  ??? Get a taste ? @bts_bighit  #CNS 

Hope everyone is doing ok! Just wanted to let you know that Syco Music and I have agreed to part ways. I'm really excited for the future and to be back in the studio writing the next album. Can't wait to finally see you all on tour!! Stay safe and see you soon, Louis x

The US tour is now over. ??? Shout out to our fans for doing it together! Thank you! Also, we promise to be back! I am your hope, You are my hope. I love you all!????

5 of the best years of our lives so far.. Thank you all so much for your incredible support .I hope you guys realise what you've done for us

BTS' hope'>J-Hope enters the Billboard 200, earns highest entry for a solo K-pop act

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It's #HopeWorld ; we're just living in it. So is this goldfish.