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A man suspected of shooting two Alabama deputies, one fatally, has been captured, a prosecutor said.

A prosecutor says Nipsey Hussle was a hip-hop star who sought to raise up his neighborhood with him until a friend from the same streets gunned him down.

Prosecutor: Clermont County man confessed to raping a child while jailed on other charges

The case has two dozen defendants and was charged in 2019 - three years later, it had a specially set trial date for first 4 defendants and one prosecutor handling it all by himself. He left & there was no one prepared to try it. Judge nonetheless ruled case shouldn’t be tossed

Wow. Judge Geller ruled *in favor* of Baltimore State’s Attorneys Office in not dismissing a case for speedy trial concerns, yet the office slams him for “playing politics” for expressing concern over staffing issues that left a major case w/o a prosecutor

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COMING UP: @stephgosk  reports in our series "The Fleecing of America" on fraud of government relief funds during the pandemic. She talks to former federal prosecutor Alex Little about the case of a Canadian family that stole $8 million in PPP funds. Watch at 6:30 ET / 5:30 CT.

Honolulu Ocean Safety and the Honolulu Fire Department rescued 3 swimmers in distress off of China Walls today. More:

Petty Officer 3rd Class Bailey Gorman, 23, of Sayre, Pa., died June 22 at the Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu of injuries he received in Yokosuka, Japan, according to his obituary in The Daily Review, of Towanda, Pa., on Tuesday.

Prosecutor: Clermont County man indicted on 27 counts of rape

The prosecutor described the young victim as an innocent bystander during a large fight.


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At 102 @BenFerencz  is the last surviving Nuremberg prosecutor. “I am heartbroken” at atrocities in Ukraine, he says. “To see it happening again, very similar, kids being shot, homes being blown up, it pains me to see we have learned so little from the Holocaust & from the trials”

DERSHOWITZ: "They edited those words out. If a prosecutor ever did that, they'd be disbarred. You can't present part of the tape and deliberately omit the rest of the tape in order to mislead the audience."

as protesters march on Trump Tower in Chicago & the White House, a frank media might point out the death of Mr.Floyd happened under a democrat mayor, democrat senator, democrat governor, with a democrat county prosecutor. the only person who did shit was a republican. Trump.

1/8 The prosecutor asked for 13 years in a strict regime colony for me.

No prosecutor worth their salt would make a decision about whether the President of the United States obstructed justice without reviewing the evidence. Attorney General Barr lacks all credibility.

going back to HONOLULU ...

RT if you agree there needs to be a special prosecutor to investigate and prosecute the corruption of Hillary Clinton!

We need a real, independent prosecutor who @realDonaldTrump  can't fire, Sessions can't intimidate, & Congress can't muzzle. We need it now.

The Phony Witch Hunt continues, but Mueller and his gang of Angry Dems are only looking at one side, not the other. Wait until it comes out how horribly & viciously they are treating people, ruining lives for them refusing to lie. Mueller is a conflicted prosecutor gone rogue....

Did you just threaten to subpoena someone for criticizing you? As a lawyer and former prosecutor I find this deeply troubling.