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Political analyst @zafarsareshwala  on Tuesday said that 'Sar tan se juda' has emanated from Pakistan and has now become a business.

Law to protect senior workers from dismissal due to age could be double-edged sword: Jessica Tan

BBC Strictly Come Dancing's James Bye shows off gruesome training injury as he shares how tan will be written into EastEnders

Singapore retail sales grow 13% in August, extending July’s growth; Equitable loss-sharing framework for scams still taking ‘longer than expected’: Alvin Tan

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$TAN Just an idea, not a prediction. But I'm considering taking a position. Would be a position you add to as/if it develops.

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Equitable loss-sharing framework for scams taking ‘longer than expected’: Alvin Tan

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'Sar tan se juda' has become a business in Pakistan: Political analyst on probe into Dawat-e-Islami


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Three years ago Republicans lost their minds over the President of the United States wearing a tan suit

Personally, I think Elon Musk looks pretty tan.

That MP didn’t just ask for the hanging of a woman from a town square. He also held up a poster of the BJP leader as the crowd chanted ‘sar tan se juda’ and ‘phaansi phaansi’. But some people are more interested in ‘banging Times Now’, than worrying about a public murder call

LOOK: Actor Daniel Padilla was spotted participating in painting a mural to show support for presidential candidate Vice President Leni Robredo in a subdivision in Quezon City. | 📷: Jeennee Desiderio, Steffi Tan via @jbvdellera ,

One of Obama's biggest scandals was wearing a tan suit ☕️

Say Their Names ?: Delaina Ashley Yaun Paul Andre Michels Xiaojie Tan Daoyou Feng Julie Park Hyeon Jeong Park (Identities of the two other victims have not been released as of now) #StopAsianHate 

Sure, 180,000 Americans have died from coronavirus on Trump’s watch, but six years ago today, President Obama wore a tan suit. Happy Tanniversary, Barack!

Things that vloggers swear by: 1. Air fryers? 2. Anastasia contour kit 3. Thousand dollar glow ups including eyelash extensions 4. Serata hot sauce and coffee 5. Gummybear hair care 6. Insta pot 7. Personal trainers 8. Girl weekend getaways 9. Pajamas during day 10. Spray tan

Just know that when I get a hair cut, spray tan, and my nails done, some shits about to go down