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Horrific accident caught on camera. Bengaluru Traffic Police tweets awareness campaign on consequences of opening car doors without checking traffic. | @DCPTrEastBCP  #TrafficRules  #Accident 

#ExposePFIApologists Opposition have a problem when Centre acts against terror outfits. RSS on the other hand, is a nationalist organisation. The concept of Hindu terror was invented by the Congress: @drnigam15  #ExplosiveExclusive | @kritsween 

'They keep raising the bogey of PFI. It is the RSS, which is all about Hindu extremism, which deserves to be banned first," said Lalu Prasad Yadav.

'Hindu extremist organisation': #LaluYadav  demands #RSS  ban after #PFIBanned  for 5 years #PFIBan 

In this week's 'The Hindu on Books' #newsletter  Sudipta Dutta writes about #HilaryMantel ’s legacy, #AlanRickman ’s Potter diaries, Sisters of Mokama and more Preview and subscribe here:

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#ExposePFIApologists #Congress  demands ban on #RSS , says it's spreading Hindu communalism in country

SDPI slams ban on PFI, calls it an 'undeclared emergency and a direct attack on democracy'. @_anshuls  reports live @ritsrajpurohit  reports from outside PFI's office in Bengaluru@AnushaSoni23  | #PFI  #PFIBanB #PFIBanned #PFICrackdownn  Banned Crackdown

Jharkhand Muslim woman in love with Hindu boy moves court against marriage fixed by family; HC gives protection

Hindu American Foundation sends legal notice to Islamist outfit IAMC for making false allegations. Here is what happened via @OpIndia_com 

#Congress demands ban on #RSS  , says it's spreading Hindu communalism in country


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#Mumbai: Man murders Hindu wife for refusing to wear burqa, follow Islamic tradition.

As opposition compares Hindu India to Nazi Germany, Harsh Gupta Madhusudan gives it back to Shashi Tharoor in a debate. | Watch: #BTIndiaAt100  #IndiaAt100  @sardesairajdeep  @ShashiTharoor  @harshmadhusudan 

The bulldozing of Muslim homes is showing that India is “transitioning pretty brazenly into a criminal Hindu fascist enterprise”, says author Arundhati Roy | #AJOpinion  ⤵️

It's been a strength of India that everyone is free to wear what they want. If the hijab is disallowed, what about the Sikh turban? The Hindu's forehead mark? The Christian's crucifix? This college is going down a slippery slope. Let the girls in. Let them study. Let THEM decide.

In 26/11 Mumbai Terror act, all those who came were decked as Hindus with tikka, radraksh mala, arm bracelets etc.. The idea was they would all be killed and then Hindu Terror would be blamed. But fortunately Kasab was caught and the Pakistani ID established.

We use “Muslim” too loosely. A large part of Muslims in India are peace loving and Hindu friendly. Thus Shias, Bohra, Khojas, Ahmediyas, etc., should not be lumped with the mad Wahabi Sunni Muslims. See how peacefully these have accept Ram Mandir verdict!

India 1947: Hindu Muslim Hindu Muslim Meanwhile world: moon landing, computers, internet, artificial intelligence, cellphones, smartphones, apps. India 2020: Hindu Muslim Hindu Muslim

#WATCH Karnataka: DCP of Bengaluru(Central),Chetan Singh Rathore sings national anthem along with protesters present at the Town Hall in Bengaluru, when they were refusing to vacate the place. Protesters left peacefully after the national anthem was sung. #CitizenshipAmendmentAct 

It was my great honor to host a celebration of Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights, in the Roosevelt Room at the this afternoon. Very, very special people!

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The true Nazis are the Nazi soldier’s daughter led uprising on a lie that CAA is anti Muslim! If you are pro Hindu then you must be anti Muslim. If you are pro Muslim you are secular