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Leader of the Christian Lebanese Forces rejects Hezbollah chief's accusation of instigating an ambush that killed seven last week

#Hezbollah bragged this week that it has 100,000 fighters. The figure is a major exaggeration, but it is symbolic of how Hezbollah no longer feels the need to even pretend to be a small #resistance ” movement.

Lebanon's Geagea dismisses Hezbollah accusations, says his group has no fighters

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The @ADL_National  is under fire for teaming up with an anti-Israel activist who defended terrorist groups. The activist,Salam al-Marayati, has defended Hamas and Hezbollah and accused Israelis of being responsible for the 9/11 terror atta @Kredo0ks . Via

Hezbollah has sought to capitalize on the killing of several people in #Beirut  last Thursday to mobilize anger against a Christian Lebanese leader named Samir Geagea, leading to questions about what #Hezbollah ’s real plan is. Analysis by @sfrantzman 

Hezbollah condemned on Wednesday a blast on an army bus in #Damascus  that killed 14 people.

▶️ Deadly Beirut clashes : Opposition groups no longer 'intimidated by Hezbollah'

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Our intelligence can reveal that Hezbollah has built a weapons warehouse just 25 meters from a school in the village of Ebba, Lebanon. This endangers the lives of 300 children who attend the school. Hezbollah doesn't want you to RT this, but these innocent children need you to

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EXPOSED: Hezbollah used civilian areas in southern Lebanon to fire rockets into Israel this morning. For Hezbollah, the men, women & children of Lebanon are nothing more than human shields for its terrorist operations. The people of Lebanon deserve better.

#Hezbollah support of #MaduroRegime  is extensive. Meet Edwar Quiroga (aka Hussein Quiroga). He is Hezbollah point man in #Peru  & many parts of Latin America. He is also very close to the #MaduroCrimeFamily .

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Hezbollah launched a barrage of rockets from Lebanon at northern Israel this morning. We will not tolerate any aggression against Israeli civilians and remain prepared for any operational situation.

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The only reason #Israel  has an Iron Dome is because terrorists like Hamas & Hezbollah have rockets that exist for only one reason, to try and kill Israelis.

Iran making threats of mass escalation. To attack more bases in Iraq. To unleash Hezbollah. To unleash shiite militias in Iraq. To attack Israel and Dubai. Making it clear it is ready for a widespead campaign if this escalates further with a US response.

Lebanese security official announces that "explosive material" was stored in a warehouse in Beirut's port (a very heavily populated area). Israel has long accused Hezbollah of storing explosive weapons in downtown Beirut. At least 15 people killed and hundreds more injured.

Look closely. See the man with white hair? That's the head of the Syrian Armed Forces 1st Corps, Luau Ali Ahmad Assad. He's visiting Hezbollah positions in #Syria . Our message: We see you. Consider this a warning. We won't allow Hezbollah to entrench itself militarily in Syria.

Pence falsely links Suleimani to 9/11. Here's what the 9/11 commission concluded regarding Iran: "We have found no evidence that Iran or Hezbollah was aware of the planning for what later became the 9/11 attack...." (1/2)

IRAQ - US strikes have killed Qassem Suleimani, Iran's most powerful commander. - Senior leader in Iraq's PMF also killed - Reports that deputy leader of Lebanon's Hezbollah has also been killed - US Marines have arrested leaders of most powerful pro-Iranian militias in Iraq