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I've seen several folks saying "lots of GOPers think Mar-a-Lago search helps Trump." That's self-interest talking there. Because if it doesn't help Trump and the hero to who they've tied their reputations ends up in the slammer, it's not good for them.

The first of almost 80,000 tonnes of Australian coal has arrived in Ukraine to assist the war-torn country in guaranteeing “reliable energy supply”.

India has aggressively stepped up purchases of Russian oil and coal since the war in Ukraine began, helping to cushion Moscow from the effects of sanctions and secure raw materials at discounts compared to supplies from other countries. #coal 

#FoxNewsRundown : War On Ukrain #podcast  . Ukraine remains coy on Russian air base destruction @realSAUCEman  speaks with Dr. Matthew Schmid @UNewHaven  Listen & subscribe here:

As the war in Ukraine has dragged on, Russia’s security bureaucracy has grown increasingly paranoid, securitized, and oppressive—and it is working to maintain an iron grip on Russian society, write @AndreiSoldatov  and @irinaborogan .

Singapore’s economy expanded less than initially estimated in the second quarter and the government revised its growth projections for 2022 lower, flagging risks to the global outlook from the Ukraine war and cost pressures. | @Reuters 

Ukraine accuses Russia of using nuclear plant for deadly rocket attack

'We've filled in paperwork after paperwork but haven't seen a penny.' Caller involved in the Homes for Ukraine scheme says she can understand why some Brits want to end the arrangement after six months due to the cost of living crisis. @TomSwarbrick1 

A Virginia city is honoring hometown hero Missy Elliott by naming a boulevard after her. Portsmouth City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to change the name of a 1-mile section of McLean Street to Missy Elliott Boulevard.

In Ukraine, there is the battle on the ground, then there is the war of words over who's to blame for the latest atrocities.


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Outside Lviv station, which is thronging with exhausted refugees fleeing war in eastern Ukraine, an accomplished pianist is playing “What a Wonderful World.” It’s hauntingly beautiful.

You can’t find baby formula in the United States right now but Congress is voting today to send $40 billion to Ukraine. Let’s put America First for a change.

People of the World…Reporting from the Ukraine border! This is one of the places @WCKitchen  has hot meals. It is below freezing tonight & I am meeting so many refugees, families who are escaping & don’t know what’s next…We will do our best not to let them down! #ChefsForUkraine 

This lady working the ice-cream stand is a real-life hero. Wait for it…

Starlink service is now active in Ukraine. More terminals en route.

Starlink has been told by some governments (not Ukraine) to block Russian news sources. We will not do so unless at gunpoint. Sorry to be a free speech absolutist.

Dr. Anthony Fauci is an American hero. Retweet if you agree.

Thanks for being our hero, Stan.