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@BlaiseMisztal  @BipartisanTDWGH  @Heather Nauerte @torrey_taussiga  @DCTwiningther  Nauert shouldn't be appearing on any public panels of institutions grounded in democratic values until she apologizes for her role in enabling a wannabe authoritarian. Ms Nauert is talented and smart--I admire her skill--but she owes us all an apology first.

Bill Shine, Hope Hicks, Heather Nauert, and now Sarah Sanders. The list of those who have held jobs in the Trump administration and Fox News has grown to almost two dozen.

BUSTED: Fox News paid Heather Nauert $167,000 — while she was a Trump administration spokesperson

Heather Nauert says she did not receive a ‘salary’ from 21st Century Fox while with State Department

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Heather Nauert says she was not paid by 21st Century Fox while at State Dept.; watchdog takes down a post based on Nauert's draft filing that listed Fox salary @JustinFWise  / The Hill)

Heather Nauert reported a salary from 21st Century Fox while working for the govt despite an ethics waiver contingent upon not having financial interest in Fox @lermer_  / CREW)


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I am pleased to announce that Heather Nauert, Spokeswoman for the United States Department of State, will be nominated to serve as United Nations Ambassador. I want to congratulate Heather, and thank Ambassador Nikki Haley for her great service to our Country!

US State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert yesterday: we "are very grateful for all the work the White Helmets continue to do.. on behalf of the US government and coalition forces.. I just exchanged emails with them the other day... peoples bills are still being paid..'

NEWS: Heather Nauert's nomination began to falter after the White House was alerted that a problem had cropped up in her background check —Trump’s pick for UN ambassador had employed a nanny who was in US legally but didn’t have a US work permit, sources tell me and .

BREAKING scoop: Heather Nauert withdrawn from consideration for U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

Heather Nauert withdraws from consideration as UN ambassador

Less than two years ago, Heather Nauert was conducting interviews on “Fox and Friends.” Now, she’s preparing to navigate the world’s raging geopolitical issues as one of America’s top diplomats

Scoop: Trump has decided to pick Heather Nauert, the State Dept spokeswoman, as the next U.S. ambassador to the UN, sources tell me.

Great Ambassador! Heather Nauert a ‘leading contender’ to replace Haley as UN ambassador, sources say #FoxNews  #MAGA  #AmericaFirst  #Dobbs