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Transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg’s resume is well-known: Harvard grad, Rhodes scholar, McKinsey analyst, Afghanistan vet, Indiana mayor. But as "Mayor Pete’s" presidential campaign and national profile grew, so did he and his husband's fortune:

A Harvard biostatistician is reconsidering plans to use Apple Watch as part of a study after finding inconsistencies in heart rate variability data collected @NicoleWetsman  / The Verge)

Harvard professor leading research on existence of UFOs and alien civilizations

‘Are we the smartest kid on our cosmic block?’ Harvard astronomer launches Galileo Project to examine UFO reports

Lessons from neurobiology on the Science of Good Business Writing via @HarvardBiz 

SALES IMPROVEMENT PODCAST: Don't miss interview with Dr. Frank Cespedes of HarvardBusiness School on how to improve your sales processes to get more out of your salespeople. Listen to the Expert!! 8:00am PDT TODAY!!

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An international team of scientists led by a prominent Harvard astronomer have announced a new initiative to look for evidence of technology built by extraterrestrial civilizations:

The Galileo Project: Harvard researchers to search for signs of alien technology

Harvard-led scientific team to scan space in search of alien civilization traces


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This is my candid letter of resignation to my Harvard Dean. I try to tell the unvarnished truth about the decadence in our market-driven universities! Let us bear witness against this spiritual rot!

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A reminder that Harvard, basically a hedge fund masquerading as a university with north of $40 BILLION in assets in their endowment, received $9 million under the "CARES Act" while small businesses are being told that funds to help them have run out.

JUST IN: Harvard announces all course instruction will be taught online for the 2020-21 academic year. Undergraduate tuition of $49,653 remains the same.

BREAKING: The Trump administration has rescinded a rule that would have forced international students to leave the country if their colleges hold classes online this fall. The administration was sued over the new policy by Harvard and MIT.

Say What? harvard'>Defiant Harvard not paying back a dime. Slams the administration saying it didn't get a nickel from PPP it got $9,000,000 from Cares Act instead. Umm...with $40 billion in the bank many wonder why they laid off cafeteria workers and are getting any taxpayer funds.

We’ve turned the other cheek for 400+ yrs. How about you stop slapping me in my damn face & I won’t have to turn my cheek? They take our kindness for weakness. I’m tired of forgiving. You don’t have to go to Harvard to know you shouldn’t treat people the way we’ve been treated.

It’s this kind of stuff that makes me really happy that Harvard, with his $40 billion endowment, still felt like they should jump in and take $9m of relief funds, rather than letting it go to small businesses but it was intended to help. ?

President Trump: "I want Harvard to pay the money back, okay? If they won't do that, then we won't do something else."

Harvard should give back the money now. Their whole “endowment” system should be looked at!

Dear Harvard: Thank you for my law degree and an excellent legal education. You’re very rich; many people are hurting. Now give the money back.