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Our history is rich with stories of women who changed the course of our nation forever. As we celebrate #WomensHistoryMonth , it’s impossible not to think of icons like Harriet Tubman, who risked her own life to save hundreds of slaves as a facilitator of the Underground Railroad.

March is #WomensHistoryMonth  Susan B. Anthony and Harriet Tubman are two leading examples of our region’s rich history. @RochesterChambr 

Rename the space telescope for Harriet Tubman, who likely used the North Star to navigate to freedom. The HTST would be a reminder that the night sky belongs to all of humanity, including LGBTQIA+ people @IBJIYONGI  @niais  @shaka_lulu  @iamstarnord  @sciam 

From the house of Martin Luther King Jr., to the church in New York where Harriet Tubman’s funeral was held, the fund is helping to restore African American historic sites.

Obama: Harriet Tubman will go on the $20 bill Trump: No, she won't Biden: Oh yes, she will

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An associate professor of history at the UW Madison says having Harriet Tubman replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill is a start, but she would like to see more.

Valerie Ross Manokey works hard to honor and preserve the stories of her ancestor, Harriet Tubman. Now, climate change threatens her family's legacy and our nation's history. #BlackHistoryMonth  #ActOnClimate 

"The midnight sky and the silent stars have been the witnesses of your devotion to freedom and your heroism." -Frederick Douglass wrote to Harriet Tubman Areas of Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge are part of the landscape where Harriet Tubman was born & raised #Maryland 

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Harriet Tubman was the ultimate outdoors person. Now, her legacy is threatened by sea-level rise and climate change. Here's how:


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The Biden administration is "exploring ways to speed up" release of $20 bills featuring Harriet Tubman after the Trump administration delayed the move

Twenty-dollar bill going from Andrew Jackson to Harriet Tubman — one symbol of difference between Trump and Biden. Proposed new design below:

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Germany doesn’t have Nazi monuments to “remind” citizens of their history. Instead, they have memorials for the 6 million Jews and others who were murdered. The U.S. doesn’t need statues of confederate generals to “remind” us. We need monuments for Nat Turner & Harriet Tubman.

It is an insult to the hopes of millions that the Trump Administration is refusing to honor Harriet Tubman on our $20 bill. This unnecessary decision must be reversed.

Lonzo's new sleeve features: ➖ MLK ➖ Rosa ParksJackie RobinsonMalcolm X ➖ Harriet TubmanBarack Obama "The Marathon Continues" at the top of the arm ? (via stevebutchertattoos/IG)

On Harriet Tubman Day, we pay tribute to the hero who escaped slavery in her twenties, only to return many times to lead hundreds of slaves to freedom. It’s outrageous the Trump administration is obstructing her from being on the $20 bill.

NEW: Harriet Tubman to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill, Treasury spokesman confirms.

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I cannot think of an American hero more deserving of this honor than Harriet Tubman.