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Former Hamptons chair to take helm at Foxtons after investor pressure

Exclusive: Foxtons, the London-focused estate agent, is close to naming Nigel Rich, a former chairman of Hamptons International and Segro, as its next chairman, following a period of unrest among major shareholders over its strategy and executive pay.

What happened in the Hamptons this summer heralds NYC's return

My big takeaway from a summer observing the Hamptons has nothing to do with the Hamptons - except the part where the party favors were local eggs via @luxury  @BBGBillionaires 

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"It’s always about the land in the Hamptons. It’s the land that appreciates." Demolition derby: Why Hamptonites are racing to bulldoze their mansions @HeidiSMitchell  @nypost 

What happened in the Hamptons this summer heralds NYC's return

Blade, best known for flying Manhattan’s elite to locations including the Hamptons, Nantucket and South Florida, is doubling down on the business of transporting human organs

Hamptons home where John Steinbeck authored 'Of Mice And Men' goes on sale for $16.75million

All the investment bankers and execs coming back from the hamptons this month // Wall Street prepares for an IPO flood

George Clooney shoots down rumors of 'Hamptons of Portugal' mega-mansion

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Good thing all the hedge fund managers are on vacation in the Hamptons. Meanwhile not much from financial media either on those so-called "meme" stocks. #AMC  #GME  #SPRT  Congratulations "dumb money"

While most of the U.S. waits 7 to 14 days for coronavirus test results, at some parties hosted by the wealthy in the Hamptons, expensive rapid tests that take less than 30 minutes are the price of admission

Want to know what incompetence looks like ? Read this? We could have kept Kabul..we only asked for airport, It was Austins decision to leave Embasey - not even a threat- all have to fired..Sec’y of state in Hamptons as war was lost!!

Hours before Kabul fell, the situation in Afghanistan became so perilous that Secretary of State Blinken had to return from the Hamptons. From WP:

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The stock market is not in turmoil - billionaire hedge funds are in turmoil. Two different things. Its a shame regulators, brokerage firms and media continue to provide cover for folks that go to work on helicopters from the Hamptons and say its for folks that take the subway.

@realDonaldTrump  says democrats want bailout money for democratic states that has nothing to do with virus. Fact-check: Governors across the country are hammered by pandemic costs. He is at his luxurious NJ golf resort before going to fundraisers in wealthy Hamptons@MSNBC 

The Hamptons: The Chainsmokers had a “Drive-in” concert last night. No social-distancing during a pandemic. We may be doomed...

AGAIN - @realDonaldTrump ⁩ Hamptons mega-fundraiser Joe Ferrell got PAID this Spring. - He rented out his house for $2mm AND scored a #PPP  loan #nothowitssupposedtowork  Sandcastle,Hamptons' priciest mansion,rents in one day to tycoon fleeing virus

The violation complaints are predominantly from Manhattan & the Hamptons. Lots of violations of social distancing, parties in the street, restaurants and bars ignoring laws. Enforce the law or there will be state action.

Can we please stop pretending that Chris Cuomo is quarantined? The dude admitted to the bike encounter in the hamptons Stop pushing this fake news