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Say what you will about haberman'>Maggie Haberman but of all the journalists working today her name would sound the funniest if Scooby Doo said it.

Maggie Haberman Destroys Trump With Relentless Commentary On His Dinner With White Supremacist Fuentes

“Maggie Haberman Destroys Trump With Relentless Commentary On His Dinner With White Supremacist Fuentes”

Getting Mike Pence to talk would be an 'extraordinary turn' in DOJ probe of Trump: haberman'>Maggie Haberman

Will Pence testify against Trump? Hear what Haberman thinks

Haberman on Trump: “I think he wants to be president again. I don’t think that he wants to campaign again… I do think something feels a little different this time but we’ll see.”

Haberman: “Rupert Murdoch knows that to not say Donald Trump’s name is the biggest insult you can give him.”

At Semafor event. New York Times journalist haberman'>Maggie Haberman: “The Donald Trump you see now is the same person you saw in the 1970s. Whatever level of growth there is is at a level we’re not seeing.”

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Haberman: Trump’s character arc is “flat” but the arc in this book is how the world changed to meet him where he was.


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Journalists Marvel At Maggie Haberman’s Ability To Get Man Who Never Shuts Up To Answer Questions

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In the final days of the Trump administration, weeks after an insurrection that tried to thwart Congress from certifying the election, White House staff attempted to sabotage Biden’s entry into the executive branch, according to MaggieHaberman’s new book.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson held a secret meeting at the White House with Jared Kushner as part of a pressure campaign aimed at forcing Trump to pardon Roger Stone, according to MaggieHaberman's new book.

NEW: Donald Trump assumed that a racially diverse group of top congressional aides at a White House meeting were waiters, according to MaggieHaberman's new book.

Exclusive: "I'm just not going to leave." Trump repeatedly insisted he wouldn't leave the White House after his election loss, a new book by NYT reporter haberman'>Maggie Haberman reveals.

Good morning! This is for journalism students, as our favorite access journalists—Maggie Haberman and Peter Baker have a story about Trump’s reax to the devastating @TheAtlantic ⁩ article. 1)

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The Clinton campaign office, wrong or rightly, saw haberman'>Maggie Haberman as their pet, as this internal email, published by makes clear:

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