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"Rust" crew members detail on-set gun safety issues and misfires. "There were no safety meetings... All they wanted to do was rush, rush, rush."

Lack of gun safety killed Halyna Hutchins on the set of Alec Baldwin's 'Rust.' How did this happen?

Court records released on Friday said Alec Baldwin was handed a loaded gun by an assistant director, who indicated it was safe to use as a prop, just moments before the actor pulled the trigger.

Alec Baldwin was handed what was described as a safe "cold gun" on the set of his movie "Rust," but the prop gun contained live rounds when it was fired, according to police. @ABFalecbaldwi  #Alec_Baldwin  | #Rust  |

#ICYMI Propgun in Alec Baldwin movie set shooting had live rounds, police say

The assistant director did not know the prop gun was loaded with live rounds, according to a search warrant.

Following news that Baldwin fired a prop gun that resulted in one person dying and another being injured, a fake quote attributed to the actor circulated online.

Woman Killed on Set of Alec Baldwin Film ‘Rust' After gun incident'>Prop Gun Incident |

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Who was Halyna Hutchins? Tributes paid to director of photography killed by prop gun

While accidents, like the one involving Alec Baldwin, who fired a prop gun while filming a Western movie, killing a cinematographer, and injuring the director, are rare, they are not unheard of.


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‘You have a dangerous object in your hand’ … ’I’m picking up trash’ — This officer pulled his gun on a student who was cleaning up trash outside his dorm

97% of Americans believe that you should have to pass a background check before you buy a gun. RT if you're one of them.

Turns out that gun is for the toilet paper

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What America leads in: #1 : Covid-19 cases #1 : Medical debt #1 : Prescription drug prices #1 : Deaths from lack of insurance #1 : Student debt #1 : Prisoners#1 : Gun violence #1 : Military spending #1 : Trade deficit #1 : Billionaires We need to change our national priorities.

Joe Biden is the candidate of rioters, looters, arsonists, gun-grabbers, flag-burners, Marxists, lobbyists, and special interests. I am the candidate of farmers, factory workers, police officers, and hard-working, law-abiding patriots of every race, religion and creed! #MAGA 

So terrible that Facebook and Twitter took down the story of “Smoking Gun” emails related to Sleepy Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, in the @nypost . It is only the beginning for them. There is nothing worse than a corrupt politician. REPEAL SECTION 230!!!

It's hard for me to understand that they feel more threaten by my black skin than a 17-year-old with an AR-15. LET THAT SINK IN! THEY'RE MORE THREATEN BY MY BLACK SKIN THAN A WHITE KID WITH A GUN!!!

"He had a knife." "He used a counterfeit $20 bill." "He was selling loose cigarettes." "He was playing with a toy gun in the park." "He walked home." "She was driving down to her new job." "She was asleep in her own house." "He complied and reached for his license, registration."

On gun violence awareness day'>National Gun Violence Awareness Day, we #WearOrange  to honor the victims and survivors of gun violence––which continues to disproportionately harm Black communities. Then keep speaking up, voting, and changing laws across the country.

Now Mini Mike Bloomberg is critical of Jack Wilson, who saved perhaps hundreds of people in a Church because he was carrying a gun, and knew how to use it. Jack quickly killed the shooter, who was beginning a rampage. Mini is against the 2nd A. His ads are Fake, just like him!