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Some of you be thanking God for profits on Gold buys fueled by real world WAR. Some of you be thanking God for stock market shorts fueled by job losses and people not being able to put food on the table. Im not religious but I guess ignorance is bliss.

Bystanders reportedly said, "Oh, wow. Neat. I guess. Hey, fine. Got any snacks in that truck?"

Lennar beats expectations & gains 2% in extended trading. First Republic, Western Alliance and KeyCorp also see after-hours gains. Guess & Freshpet stocks drop, while Atlas Air Worldwide meets acquisition requirements & gains 3%. $FRPT $GES $LEN $AAWW

@racrboi90  @Hendrick24TeamT  @WilliamByrono  @phoenixracewayt  @NASCARONFOXally  misunderstood que @mikejoy500stion ! Thought he asked would anyone dare stay out! I guess in 22+ years of broadcasting it would be awesome to know it’s been totally mistake free! Thank you for pointing out though! Appreciate It!

$GES - Guess stock slumps as profit outlook disappoints

$GES - Guess Non-GAAP EPS of $1.74 beats by $0.44, revenue of $817.78M beats by $45.78M

$CGXEF $OYL.V $FECCF $FEC.TO 9 days since we were alerted they went back to drilling. My guess is ~3500 ft section until the next casing point and we’ll get that update before EOM. Praying no equipment failures or wellbore issues to slow things down. Waiting is the hardest part.

The Algo didn't catch any movement to the upside, my guess is due to low volume. But it caught the whole move down before the massive EOD run up! $SPY $QQQ


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Meet Brittney Griner & Marine Paul Whelan. Both Americans. Both were convicted in Russian courts on dubious charges. Both serving multi-year sentences in Russian prison. Brittney hates America Paul served America Guess which one Biden traded a terrorist to free? Semper fi Paul

First time illegal entry into the United States is a misdemeanor. Lying on or omitting materially relevant information from your SF86 (as Jared Kushner did multiple times by his own admission) is a felony. Guess which one's getting prosecuted?

us: left govt, high inflation uk: right govt, high inflation germany: centrist govt, high inflation italy: everyone in govt, high inflation wild guess it’s not the govt

Twitter has been throttling my reach and I’m getting 1/3 the amount of RTs I would normally get. Instagram is doing the same & worse for the last few days. I guess they don’t want the truth about the Biden crime family out there and they will cover for them at all costs.

In 2012, I wore a hoodie on the House Floor to make a statement about the deadly consequences of racial profiling. On Wednesday, @RepMattGaetz  wore a gas mask in the chamber, making light of an epidemic that has killed 14 Americans. Guess which one of us was forcibly removed.

I guess I never explained why I left , it was for this moment to be given the opportunity to show you who i really am! #realmusic  #RCA  !!

When seat belts were first introduced in 1968, there were idiots who insisted they “infringed on their freedoms” and would physically cut them out of their cars. We make fun of those people now. Can you guess who we’ll be making fun of in 2072?

I guess this gives me an excuse to post these year old pictures.

went to sleep hungry, woke up still hungry. makes sense I guess

@LarryftDrunk hmm :/ I usually say, could u be the loudest crowd so far ... The rest is up to u guys I guess xx