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#BREAKING Moscow says will not request extradition of Russians fleeing draft

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Construction of residential apartments in Nairobi could be a pointer that there is a growing appetite and demand for the units.

The fastest-growing cities face some of the biggest climate risks

Ian won't linger over Cuba but will slow down over the Gulf of Mexico, growing wider and stronger, "which will have the potential to produce significant wind and storm surge impacts along the west coast of Florida,” the U.S. National Hurricane Center said.

Russia to medevac wounded in school shooting to Moscow. #Izhevsk 

upGrad-owned #Harappa , which operates in the fast-growing online higher education segment, is launching its courses in the US as it ramps up its enterprise learning vertical. (By @Mittermaniac ) | @shreyasisingh  @PramathSinha 

July might have been peak disinflation. Not permanently, of course. But for 2022. Inflation accelerating again, according to several things I watch. Latest were the costs of business in the Dallas Fed survey: employment and hours still growing, prices paid accelerating.

President Vladimir Putin said that Russia wants to "save people" in four Moscow-controlled territories in Ukraine, on the last day of annexation votes denounced as a sham by Western leaders.

The head of the World Trade Organization (WTO) added her voice to a growing chorus of observers who see the global economy headed into a recession. #BangkokPost  #Business  #recession 

Ian makes landfall in Cuba as a Category 3 hurricane and is expected to slow over the Gulf of Mexico, growing wider and stronger as it heads toward the west coast of Florida.


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Flights departing Moscow and St. Petersburg today. The @AP  is reporting international flights departing Russia have either sold out or skyrocketed in price after Putin announced a mobilization of reservists. Search SVO, VKO, DME for Moscow airports and LED for St. Petersburg.

Extraordinary letter in @FT  from former UK defence attaché at Moscow embassy - we warned you about Putin but you listened to the City instead

As a kid growing up, I’ve cheered for @Arsenal as long as I can remember. If KSE would like to sell Arsenal I'd be happy to throw my hat in the ring.

Rosenbergs were convicted for giving U.S. nuclear secrets to Moscow, and were executed June 1953:

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anti-war protest in moscow surely getting bigger when the russian economy implodes tomorrow

I've been on the media this morning so my accent and grammar are being critiqued. I wasn't Eton educated, but growing up in Stockport I was taught integrity, honesty and decency. Doesn't mater how you say it. Boris Johnson is unfit to lead.

My hotel in Moscow asked me to settle the bill early because they aren’t sure if credit cards are going to work once SWIFT sanctions kick in.

Economy and Jobs are growing MUCH faster than anyone (except me!) expected. Job growth is biggest in history. China Virus Mortality Rate is among the LOWEST of any country. Shaping up for a good third quarter, and a great next year! NASDAQ at new record high, 401k’s way up!!!!

⭐️⭐️ #FRA  France have won the 2018 FIFA #WorldCup  in Moscow! #FRACRO  // #WorldCupFinal 

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