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DNI: CHINA PREFERS THAT TRUMP LOSE 2020 ELECTION I bet they do. Gravy train is over Incoming job for Hunter Biden at China’s Burisma

@SenBlumenthal  And let’s ban any company that receives a government bailout from lobbying or political spending for at least a year after taxpayers are repaid. Sorry, Trump-connected lobbyists, the gravy train would end. #StopCOVIDCorruption 

From @Breakingviews : Roche loses its ticket on the coronavirus therapy gravy train, and FedEx pilots discover that quarantining in Hong Kong is no holiday. Catch up with the latest financial insights

Today's most depressing yet predictable news: the vast gravy train known as Help to Buy is to be extended

Telly & Tonya have been #dating  for 5yrs. She feels he's nothing more than "deadweight” whose riding on a “gravy train” because he doesn’t help her take care of her #kids  or any #bills . Can @RealJudgeLynn  help this relationship? Find out NEXT on @divorcecourt ! #DivorceCourt 

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Telly & Tonya have been dating for 5yrs. She feels he's nothing more than “deadweight” whose riding on a “gravy train” because he doesn’t help her take care of her kids or any #bills . Can @RealJudgeLynn  help this relationship? Find out TODAY at 3 on @divorcecourt ! #DivorceCourt 

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With the US gravy train derailed, clubs have more players available than in previous years, writes Colm O'Rourke

@gotpenmustwrite  That's fair enough, Mike. It may all be part of the same long process of changing what had become a rotten squad culture - a gravy train. They seem much closer to curing it than 12 months ago.

The home-working revolution will derail the middle-class gravy train


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Mini Mike Bloomberg’s consultants and so-called “advisors”(how did that advice work out? Don’t ask!), are on the “gravy train” and all making a fortune for themselves pushing Mini hard, when they knew he never had what it takes. Don’t pay them anymore Mike, they led you down....

Legendary frontman of , Roger Daltrey, says touring bands will cope after Brexit, and any problem is “nothing that can’t be solved” but Brussels is a "gravy train soaking us dry" #r4today 

Thank you Kenansville, North Carolina! Remember- on November 8th, that special interest gravy train is coming to a…

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Shame on @NancyPelosi  for saying Trump wants to “Make America White Again” for wanting the citizenship question on the census Dems don't want us to know how many illegals are riding the taxpayer gravy train because hard working Americans would revolt!

After Nigel Farage announces 270 mile 'Brexit Betrayal' march, experts say it’ll be good for his fitness - having ridden the Brusselsgravy train for 20 years.

The fight against corruption and black money will continue. Due to this, I know that many vested interests, who have enjoyed the gravy train for 7 decades hate me but that is fine. We are here to serve the poor, the marginalised and the weak.

How many of us wouldn't look after a few mates with 8/1 odds on eating a pie? We'd all be on the gravy train.

‘Curses!’ Shouts Fist-Shaking Meals On Wheels Ringleader As Trump Cuts Off Gravy Train

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Shocker: Trump "protests" were staged by DNC. From latest leak. Scared that we will break up their DC gravy train!