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RT @GrahamKates : Letter to House Committee Chairs from Bragg's General Counsel. "The charges filed yesterday were brought by citizens of N…

👉Villagers from different communities have damaged, destroyed, looted, and burned hundreds of houses, as well as schools and health centers. 👉Congolese security forces have allegedly committed extrajudicial executions, looting, and sexual violence.

Twelve police officers will be stationed in 11 Denver high schools beginning next week in response to the recent shooting of two East High administrators by a student.

"If you believe Donald Trump is being treated poorly and wrongly, stand up and help him...Go to LBoOiED8dQ and give money so he can defend himself," Graham said. Emotional Lindsey Graham begs Fox viewers to give Trump money:

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ChatGPT can write an eassy in a matter of seconds. Some teachers in Quebec's schools say they're changing the way they teach or using bots of their own to stay ahead of the cat-and-mouse game of plagiarism.

Schools have been told by the education secretary to show sex education materials to parents

About 10% of pupils attend private schools in America, a higher share than in Britain, which is often seen as an outlier. And their number may be about to soar

Just days after students at Midtown High School protested an Atlanta Public Schools plan to rezone more than 200 kids to another school due to overcrowding, the district has withdrawn the plan there and at two other schools.

RT @Morning_Joe : From "count me out" to begging for donations for Trump, Lindsey Graham can't stay consistent. "He just kind of goes where…


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Parents don’t realize the Soviet level of indoctrination that their children are receiving in elite high schools & colleges!

Super excited to be in Brazil for launch of Starlink for 19,000 unconnected schools in rural areas & environmental monitoring of Amazon! BR 🌳 🛰 ♥️

Lindsey Graham began explaining his federal abortion ban legislation by saying: "I picked 15 weeks…" Watching a man say "I picked" as it relates to legislation controlling women's reproductive rights was about the most on-brand Republican move I've seen Vote, folks.

Chelsea Football Club is delighted to welcome Graham Potter as our new Head Coach! 🤝

We don’t need gun control. We just need to avoid churches, malls, supermarkets, mosques, concerts, synagogues, cinemas, parks, pre-schools, middle schools, high schools, college campuses, mass transportation, the outdoors in general… (1/513)

SCOOP: Ga. SoS Raffensperger says Sen. Lindsey Graham pressured him to toss legal ballots.

Please retweet if you agree Lindsey Graham gets no points for doing this now. None. Zero.

In Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and many other countries, SCHOOLS ARE OPEN WITH NO PROBLEMS. The Dems think it would be bad for them politically if U.S. schools open before the November Election, but is important for the children & families. May cut off funding if not open!

Now that we have witnessed it on a large scale basis, and firsthand, Virtual Learning has proven to be TERRIBLE compared to In School, or On Campus, Learning. Not even close! Schools must be open in the Fall. If not open, why would the Federal Government give Funding? It won’t!!!

Corrupt Joe Biden and the Democrats don’t want to open schools in the Fall for political reasons, not for health reasons! They think it will help them in November. Wrong, the people get it!