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Josh Hawley isn’t actually dealing meth out to Trumpers but he and his fellow GOPers have major “Breaking Bad” vibes when it comes to supplying them with BS. @SykesCharlie  joins this episode of the @NewAbnormalPod . APPLE: SPOTIFY:

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Campaign officials charged with helping Republicans win back their majority in 2022 are keeping deeply relevant information about former President Donald Trump's negative impact from GOPers running in key seats

Podcast: gopers'>Unnmaed GOPers hit Kevin McCarthy for ousting Liz Cheney; NYT vs. CDC; Push to vaccinate preteens; WashPost names 1st female editor; NBC drops biased Golden Globes; State officials denounce planned Instagram for under-13s

As Voter Restrictions Advance, GOPers Plan To Claim S1 Is ‘Policy In Search Of A Problem’ via @TPM 

As Voter Restrictions Advance, GOPers Plan To Claim S1 Is ‘Policy In Search Of A Problem’

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Ernst Accuses Fellow GOPers Of Forcing The ‘Cancel Culture’ They Decry On Cheney

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gopers'>McCarthy Claims GOPers ‘Embrace Free Thought And Debate’ While Announcing Vote To Ax Cheney

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Sanders Antsy Over Biden’s Push For Deal With GOPers On Infrastructure Plan

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Biden Will Get His Tax Hikes if Congressional GOPers Don’t Stop Dissing Natural Allies by Christian Josi

@RepLizCheney  and pro-impeachment GOPers are in the political wilderness via @JaxAlemany  w @tobiaraji 


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THIS JUST IN. My latest: With the 57-43 vote, the Senate produces the first bipartisan impeachment condemnation of a US president. But in voting to acquit Trump, the gopers'>Senate GOPers indicted themselves and their party. Please read, RT, and share.

Holy Shit. Florida GOPer caught on tape telling fellow FL GOPers to make false voter registrations in Georgia so they could vote to save Loeffler and Perdue. He in fact DID register in Georgia and is now under investigation.

The 10 gopers'>House GOPers who voted for impeachment are Cheney Herrera Beutler Katko Kinzinger Upton Newhouse Meijer Gonzalez (Ohio) Valadao Rice

Losing fair and square is one thing but in the face of all of this video evidence, lack of transparency, boarding up of windows, fighting to prevent poll watching etc etc... for GOPers to not stand up now shows your true colors. Will make the 2024 primary process a lot easier.

The silence of gopers'>Cong GOPers not named McCain is obviously not surprising anymore but is there any limit for them? It’s a fight with Canada and the rest of the G6, only the most important allies of this country. Is the rest of the GOP using “stunned silence” as their “comment”?

"If there is going to be peace and legislation, there cannot be war and investigation." GOPers applauded. How many of them supported the Benghazi investigations? The Clinton impeachment? How many shouted "Lock Her Up"? The stench.

I see a total of four Republicans in Congress -- Mia Love, Carlos Curbelo, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Erik Paulsen -- have condemned Trump calling Haiti and Africa "shitholes." Zero GOPers in leadership. Zero.

Yes, the president once bragged about committing sexual assault. Now he jokes about violence against a woman. GOPers must be so proud.

GOPers are trying to discredit the Steele memos to dismiss the Trump-Russia scandal. Yet they're pushing a counter (and phony) scandal based on oppo reseach underwritten by rightwing big-money. I explain. Please read and circulate.