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Biggs/GOPers to Wray: Was the FBI in possession of the laptop and hard drive that was documented in the New York Post article? 2. Did the FBI take any steps to authenticate the laptop, hard drive, and data that was uncovered?

p.s. Note: I don't really think we should do this. But it's entertaining to wind up the GOPers. Oh, and Wyoming should no way be a state. It's smaller than Milwaukee for goodness sakes. And two Dakotas? Come on. That's ridiculous. Both are smaller than Charlotte, NC.

I covered the TX Lege for a few years. I've covered Congress for 13. Watching Barrett's hearing, I'm reminded of a constant I've seen w/ GOPers in a majority: their emphasis on decorum + collegiality as they push thru policies that will hurt women, ppl of color + low-income ppl.

Lots of talk among GOPers I speak to (primarily in the financial biz) is when and if voters will realize that w every baffling gaff coming from @JoeBiden  a vote for the former VP for prez is actually a vote for @KamalaHarris for prez. And do they really want to vote for Kamala?

Let's take a specific term that GOPers are using accurately & against Democrats and just pretend it means something else so I can criticize Republicans for something I (understandably) don't like that has nothing to do with that term.

6) Democrats didn’t help then and Republicans blamed Democrats for stalling the bill. Republicans struggled until the vote to get even 51 GOPers to support the plan.

6) Yet McConnell is “going small” with his legislation. $500 billion. That's about all gopers'>Senate GOPers can handle. And Pelosi wants to spend $2.2 trillion – if not more than $3 trillion.

Pelosi tells gopers'>Hse Dems GOPers want to cut "25%" of Dems coronavirus bill. Says "I said, just show us where you’re cutting…Are you giving haircuts or are you just chopping off heads?"

As They Rush Through Another SCOTUS Nom, GOPers Play Up ‘Court Packing’ Hysteria

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In case it wasn’t clear, according to GOPers I’ve spoken with, the many Republican office holders attempting to assure the public of a peaceful transfer of power are sending a message to the White House.

GOPers @gtconway3d ⁩ @SteveSchmidtSES ⁩ @JWGOP ⁩ and @TheRickWilson ⁩ launch “the Lincoln Project” which in next 11 mos. will work to defeat “Trump and Trumpism at the ballot box and to elect those patriots who will hold the line”

On the silence from GOPers today, when the president called Judge Curiel a "Mexican" judge, Paul Ryan called it "the textbook definition of a racist comment." Ryan and others were silent today.

The silence of gopers'>Cong GOPers not named McCain is obviously not surprising anymore but is there any limit for them? It’s a fight with Canada and the rest of the G6, only the most important allies of this country. Is the rest of the GOP using “stunned silence” as their “comment”?

"If there is going to be peace and legislation, there cannot be war and investigation." GOPers applauded. How many of them supported the Benghazi investigations? The Clinton impeachment? How many shouted "Lock Her Up"? The stench.

I see a total of four Republicans in Congress -- Mia Love, Carlos Curbelo, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Erik Paulsen -- have condemned Trump calling Haiti and Africa "shitholes." Zero GOPers in leadership. Zero.

Yes, the president once bragged about committing sexual assault. Now he jokes about violence against a woman. GOPers must be so proud.

GOPers are trying to discredit the Steele memos to dismiss the Trump-Russia scandal. Yet they're pushing a counter (and phony) scandal based on oppo reseach underwritten by rightwing big-money. I explain. Please read and circulate.

If a President Hillary Clinton tried to blackmail journalists, congressional GOPers would have 17 investigations up and running by now.