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Veteran UK Broadcaster David Dimbleby Lifts Lid On How The Royal Family Controlled Its Image At Queen’s Funeral

The spot for the GOP nominee for Arizona governor promises to "secure our border" with video of Russian soldiers.

Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney says GOP candidates for Arizona governor and secretary of state pose a risk for democracy because both say they will refuse to certify election results if they don’t like them.

The 18-year-old was charged with Evading Arrest and Detention with a vehicle, Possession of a Controlled Substance, Unlawful Carrying a Weapon, and Criminal Mischief.

There’s nothing surprising about GOP abortion hypocrisy.

GOP steps up crime message in midterm's final stretch

Nebraska GOP Senator Ben Sasse is expected to resign from the Senate to become president at the University of Florida, both offices announced on Thursday.

Units will contain temperature-controlled compartments, ‘allowing medicine to be stored at optimal temperature’ via @IrishTimesBiz 

CA GOP Chair Jessica Millan Patterson gave the details of The California Promise, which is the Republican party's vow to help Californians after Midterm elections. More info:


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Rubio: Abortion is “manslaughter” Laxalt: Roe was “a joke” Mastriano: women who violate abortion ban should be charged with murder. Make no mistake, this is today’s GOP.

Dear GOP colleagues, before you offer your hot takes on student debt relief, please make sure you or your colleagues didn’t have one of your government loans forgiven. Otherwise, I will absolutely scorch you. Yes, I’m looking at you @RepMTG .

There's nothing more absurd than preserving the filibuster for fear of what the GOP will do. A far-right court is moving at full speed to dismantle all we hold dear *now*. The right to bodily autonomy is gone. Our democracy and climate are in peril. This is code red. Act like it.

We are voting to protect kids from the next school shooting. Every GOP member is opposed. So I asked my GOP colleagues, "Who are you here for? Our kids or the killers."

@BrianKempGA , his puppet Lt. Governor @GeoffDuncanGA , and Secretary of State, are disasters for Georgia. Won’t let professionals get anywhere near Fulton County for signature verifications, or anything else. They are virtually controlled by @staceyabrams  & the Democrats. Fools!

The GOP including $0 for the USPS, $0 for our elections, and $21,300,000,000 for the Pentagon in a COVID relief bill is the real looting in America.

The GOP COVID-19 bill includes $2 billion for F-35s $1.75 billion for an FBI building $1 billion for surveillance planes $375 million for armored vehicles $360 million for missile defense $283 million for Apache helicopters $0 for millions facing eviction It's Dead on Arrival

Not only will Sleepy Joe Biden DEFUND THE POLICE, but he will DEFUND OUR MILITARY! He has no choice, the Dems are controlled by the Radical Left.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do after a loss. Not this time. This tax bill is only going to get worse as people learn more about it. There are 6 GOP Senators that have to run on it & 2 open seats in 2018. We all need to get to work.

RT if you agree: the Senate GOP's decision to hide their health care plan is undemocratic, dangerous, and just plain wrong.