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Crypto is the morbid symptom of an interregnum, in which the gold standard is dead but a fully political money that dares to speak its name has not yet been born. Check out the development of this line from Chartbook#15  in #74  H/t @evgenymorozov 

"THIS IS A WHERE WERE YOU MOMENT" GB 🎿 Dave Ryding makes history with Britain's FIRST alpine skiing World Cup gold medal with a stunning victory in the Kitzbühel slalom ⚡️

Time To Prep for Next Weeks trading: The first trade I am looking at for next week is Gold: #Gold  #XAUUSD  What do you think?

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Two-time Olympic gold medallist Andreas Wellinger’s participation at next month’s Beijing Games is in doubt after the German ski jumper said he had tested positive for COVID-19 on Friday

Listen to our bilingual live phone-in programme on #COVID19  on FM Gold Channel at 9.30 PM. • Ask questions to experts on Toll-Free No: 1800-115767 • Dr. Suryakant, KGMC, Lucknow to participate in discussion.

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Winter X Games: Japan’s Ayumu Hirano still searching for key to Olympic gold despite another successful triple cork

Mumbai Customs seized gold weighing 1,861 grams valued at Rs 75,54,337. #Mumbai 

Will Japan’s PM Kishida be the man with the Midas touch in Unesco gold mine row?

Ghana blast: Many feared dead after huge explosion near Bogoso: Videos show many destroyed buildings after a truck carrying explosives to a gold mine hit a motorbike.

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My favourite subset of internet video is dogs that think their owners are drowning and this one is gold

SUNI LEE WINS GOLD IN THE ALL-AROUND 🥇 An American woman has won every Olympic all-around since 2004!

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REDEMPTION FOR SHAUN WHITE! HE WINS GOLD on his final run in men's snowboard halfpipe! #BestOfUS  #WinterOlympics 

History. Made. Hidilyn Diaz has won the first ever gold medal for Philippines! #PHI  #Gold  #PHI  #Gold  #PHI  #Gold 

Dream Crushed Over Trivial Bullshit Represents Nation Better Than Gold Medal Ever Could

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2-minutes of pure gold from Sacha Baron Cohen: “Voltaire was right, “Those who can make you believe absurdities — can make you commit atrocities.”

More Testing, which is a good thing (we have the most in the world), equals more Cases, which is Fake News Gold. They use Cases to demean the incredible job being done by the great men & women of the U.S. fighting the China Plague!

We have more Cases because we do more Testing. It’s Lamestream Media Gold!

Went gold in 30min. HIGH OFF LIFE