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Chancellor Angela Merkel tells German public: 'What winter will be, what our Christmas will be, will be decided in the days and weeks to come.'

"Difficult months are ahead": What Christmas and winter look like amid the coronavirus pandemic is being determined by our actions right now, German Chancellor Angela Merkel says.

“How winter will be, how our Christmas will be, that will all be decided in these coming days and weeks, and it will be decided by our behavior,” said German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“Difficult months are ahead of us,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel said. “How winter will be, how our Christmas will be, that will all be decided in these coming days and weeks, and it will be decided by our behavior.”

Merkel appeals to German citizens to meet with fewer people whether inside or outside. How winter and Christmas work out will be decided in the coming days and weeks through the sum of individual actions, she says

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UPDATE: We will decide through our actions if Christmas celebrations can take place, German health minister says #SputnikUpdates 

Black king statue banned from German cathedral’s Christmas display after parishioners call it ‘racist’

Good news: if Christmas is going to be cancelled, at least it started ten weeks early when the Barbican reopened its concert hall and Bryn Terfel let loose, in German and Welsh, with Still, Still, Still @Bryn_Terfel  @BrittenSinfonia  review

In a meeting with her CDU party's top brass, Merkel warned that new German infection numbers -- currently at around 2,000 a day -- could leap to 19,200 daily by Christmas if the trend "continues in this way," party sources told @AFP .

Germany is preparing for winter amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. But with Oktoberfest already canceled — will the famed German holiday attractions Christmas markets go ahead?


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In 1914, English and German soldiers had a game on Christmas in No Man’s Land. Football ❤️

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In 1914, English and German soldiers played a game of ⚽ in No Man’s Land on Christmas during World War I. The beautiful game @brfootball 

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German and British troops forgot about the war for a moment and played football in the Christmas Truce of 1914 in WW…

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Potsdam Christmas market evacuated after German police find improvised bomb at chemist

AFP: German police say several people have died and at least 50 others have been injured in truck crash at Berlin Christmas market

BREAKING: German police say driver of truck that rammed Christmas market in Berlin arrested near the scene.

BREAKING: German police arrest driver suspected of plowing truck into crowd at Christmas market in Berlin: police spokesman on local TV

BREAKING: Truck plows into crowd close to Christmas market in Berlin, one person dead: German police

Christmas in the German trenches, WWI, 1914

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The Queen says the Christmas truce between British & German soldiers in 1914 gives hope today

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