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In this episode of #HistoryAsItHappens , historians Timothy Sayle and Howard Eissenstat discuss why Sweden and Finland’s move to join NATO is shaking up the geopolitics of Europe. #podcast 

@EuromaidanPress  “The ‘great geopoliticians’”. Whoever could he have in mind? Incidentally, it was Kissinger who brought back the term “geopolitics” in the 1970s. In the 1920s/30s it was a right-wing German discipline which strongly influenced Nazism. And so totally discredited after 1945.

Fiji is not anyone’s backyard — we are a part of a Pacific family. And our greatest concern isn’t geopolitics — it’s climate change. In that spirit, I had a wonderful meeting with Foreign Minister@SenatorWong  to strengthen our Vuvale Partnership with Australia.

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A leather jacket, a Taiwanese flag, a lost Chinese investor… “Top Gun: Maverick” is the latest Hollywood blockbuster to get caught up in U.S.-China geopolitics.

@Mike_Cherney  Micronesia's president: Adopting China's proposal could bring a Cold War to the Pacific, or worse. “The proposed agreement needlessly heightens geopolitical tensions…Geopolitics like these are the kind of game where the only winning move is not to play.”

Diplomacy to revive the Iran nuclear deal has faltered over Iran’s nuclear advances and geopolitics related to the war in Ukraine. Here's what to know:

Russia on cusp of ‘bond default by geopolitics

JUST PUBLISHED What does the war in Ukraine mean for the geopolitics of #EnergyPrices ? By @HelenHet20 

Blame Covid-19 or supply chains or geopolitics — the reality is, there aren’t many EVs on the roads in 2022


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Me 12 beers deep at happy hour explaining geopolitics

You can't turn around these days without bumping into scary inflation talk, and with reason: asset bubbles, supply chain shocks and energy geopolitics are on their way to wiping out the wage gains eked out by low-waged workers during the pandemic's labor shortage. 1/

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GAS GEOPOLITICS: Day 36 of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Lots of talk of Putin shutting down gas flows into Europe. The reality? The **highest** flow of Russian gas into Europe **via Ukraine** in 4 months. Multiply that for the price, and lots of $, € or rubles for Putin

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That thing where reporters aggregated puppet jokes on Twitter after the Clinton-Trump puppet debate dust-up instead of taking her words seriously as a former SoS talking about geopolitics

Putin is the one responsible for what his army will or will not do. But Trump's stunning lack of judgment and character, his unprecedented incompetence and complete failure to understand geopolitics, his disloyalty to his country and its allies, helped set the stage for all this.

Yes China suppressed news and stats, yes they're using aid as geopolitics ... but this Mail splash is a straight propaganda offensive to deflect from Johnson's incompetence, for which 000s will pay with their lives 1/...

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Dominic Raab’s about to reveal that he’s only just realised how important Iran is to Middle Eastern geopolitics.

Major Macron curveball—he invited Iran official for surprise visit to Biarritz, move that risks infuriating Trump admin. Macron trying to show he has achievements on geopolitics; he has led Europe effort to salvage Iran nuclear deal. Trump pulled out 2018

Geopolitics UpdateSaudi/Trump: friends Saudi/US: it’s complicated Qatar/US: friends Saudi/Qatar: enemies Turkey/US: it’s complicated Turkey/Qatar: friends Russia/Turkey: friends Russia/Iran: friends Iran/US: enemies Russia/US: enemies Russia/Trump: it’s complicated