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Remember Sergei Roldugin, the modest cellist who was an old friend of V Putin's? Swiss prosecutors have charged four executives from #Russia 's Gazprombank. The allegation: the $$$$$ flowing into Roldugin's offshore accounts actually belonged to ...

Trial of Gazprombank managers underway in Switzerland - SWI ... - SWI in English

In today’s briefing: fragrance cartel probe, earthquake risks, Gazprombank trial and International Women's Day. Also on the SWI Plus app. Android ; iPhone .

Trial of Gazprombank managers underway in Switzerland - SWI ... - SWI in English

The former head of Gazprombank’s Swiss unit and three colleagues stand trial in Zurich, charged with failing to raise the alarm over financial transactions made by a cello-playing confidant of Vladimir Putin

Employees of the Russian Gazprombank in Zurich have gone on trial accused of lacking in financial transactions.

The former head of Gazprombank’s Swiss unit was hit with criminal charges in Zurich over alleged mishandling of financial transactions tied to a cellist confidant of Vladimir Putin

The United States, together with other countries in the sanctions coalition, should enact full-blocking sanctions on all major Russian banks, such as Gazprombank, as well as all state-owned enterprises—all of them—including Rosatom, Russia’s state-owned nuclear energy company. 1/

Russia's Gazprombank wants a slower CBDC rollout, fears loss of revenue #Cryptocurrencies 


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Former Vice-President of Russia's Gazprombank Igor Volobuev joins the “Free Russia Legion” in Ukraine He encourages all Russians “who hate the Putin-regime to join.” Volobuev was born in Ukraine but received Russian citizenship during collapse of USSR

One large Russian bank, Gazprombank, has not been sanctioned. That's the bank European countries use to pay for gas and oil. @radiosvoboda  reports that Russian soldiers are being paid *directly* from that bank.

Here is the article on Gazprombank in English

Former Gazprombank vice president fled Russia and joined Territorial Defense of Ukraine "This military aggression is a crime of Putin, government, ppl. Putin doesn't kill Ukrainians, steal toilets, rape women.But Russian people do"Igor Volobuyev commented

BREAKING: Italian energy giant Eni set to open rubles accounts with Gazprombank

This is significant. If EU says opening a second roubles account with Gazprombank is a sanctions breach, then either Russia will have to climb down on requiring European gas buyers to make the conversion… or it’s hard to see gas flows continuing

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Putin publishes his decree on forcing "unfriendly countries" to pay for gas in rubles. Starting tomorrow, Europe has to open accounts at Gazprombank and start paying in rubles. If not: Russia will consider them in breach of contract and stop supplies.

Biden is clearly trying to leave Putin an offramp by not sanctioning big state banks – Sberbank, VTB, Gazprombank – because that’d cause problems for ordinary Russians. But Putin seems to have no interest in stepping back and thinks the US will sanction Russia whatever happens.