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Gayle King asked Chris Rick if he would take the vaccine. His answer...

See why leftists are pissed at Gayle King. She dared to tell Nancy Pelosi that her language is as harsh as Trump's....and that Democrats would do the same thing -- get confirmation done -- if the situations were reversed.

The mob descended on Alice and she was in tears and afraid as they attacked her the same way they attacked Rand Paul In the clubhouse room listening to Alice were Gayle King, MC Hammer, Van Jones and others What was their reaction? They told Alice to never repeat the story

Gayle King, CBS: Why do you allow politicians to lie in ads? Zuckerberg: I believe, in a democracy, people have a right to know what politicians are saying so they can make their own judgments King: OK, what did you talk about with Trump at the White House Zuck: That’s private

Gayle King asked Warren for evidence that Bloomberg told a pregnant woman to “kill it.” Not only was that the woman’s testimony, a third party witness — the kind Bloomberg said in a deposition he required for an assault claim — backed it up to Wapo

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A single photo sums up Gayle King’s explosive R. Kelly interview

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So wild to think about R. Kelly's response to Gayle King's questions or how Kavanaugh shouted and cried during his hearing and then remember that women are constantly dismissed because they're deemed too hysterical and emotional.