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almost all americans agree abortion should be legal in some circumstances, illegal in others large majorities of democrats and republicans well over 90% of abortions in us are in the first trimester glenn youngkin knows this. i suspect desantis and newsom do too

The governors of Washington and Oregon joined Newsom in declaring a West Coast “commitment to reproductive freedom” citing the intention to pass more sweeping protections, including refusals to extradite people to states with abortion bans.

Most California taxpayers would get hundreds of dollars in cash to help offset the high price of fuel and other goods under a tentative budget compromise being discussed by legislative leaders and Gov. Gavin Newsom. From @AP 

Dueling inflation relief plans have been a budget negotiation sticking point between legislative leaders and Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Check out the latest VIP piece from @JeffOnTheRight  , who asks if we'll see California Gov. Gavin Newsom as Dems' top pick for 2024. Use promo code "CHARLES" to save on a subscription.

In response, liberal governors and legislatures are erecting legal countermeasures. California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Friday signed a bill aimed at protecting patients and health-care providers from civil penalties sought by states that ban the practice.

"With these grants, communities throughout the state are stepping up with their own solutions and best practices - cutting through red tape to effectively and efficiently eliminate family homelessness," said Gov. Newsom.


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Gov Newsom says California won't go back to normal until we have a vaccine. Here's the problem, California hasn't been normal for 20 years.

Nancy Pelosi’s District in California has rapidly become one of the worst anywhere in the U.S. when it come to the homeless & crime. It has gotten so bad, so fast - she has lost total control and, along with her equally incompetent governor, Gavin Newsom, it is a very sad sight!

Newsom exempts his own wineries from his shutdown order

On This Date: In 1996, Happy Gilmore defeated Shooter McGavin to win the Tour Championship in honor of Chubbs Peterson.

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Gavin is 25. Julie is 76. They met by chance in a market four years ago and they've had each other's backs since.

We had to be together to watch it go out tonight!Gavin and Stacey is a show about friendship and family. Tonight’s show has been a labour of love from start to finish and we hope you enjoy it.Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.Happy Christmas from us both #GavinandStacey 

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BREAKING: Judicial Watch announced it filed in the CA court of appeals a Petition for Writ of Mandate that would require a trial court to issue a TRO halting CA Gov. Newsom’s plan to use taxpayers’ dollars to provide cash payments to illegal aliens (1/3).

Governor Gavin N has done a really bad job on taking care of the homeless population in California. If he can’t fix the problem, the Federal Govt. will get involved!

Thank you @JerryBrownGov . Look forward to joining you and @GavinNewsom  tomorrow in California. We are with you!