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Accusing Russia of hacking anything from the 2016 election to US cancer hospitals may be fun and games for MSNBC host Rachel Maddow, but when her audience responds by demanding apocalypse, the shtick stops being funny - @NebojsaMalic 

The NFL keeps doing backbends and pretzel twists with the schedule to keep things moving during this COVID-19 pandemic, rescheduling games, forcing teams to play without a QB, etc. One question I keep asking, though: What do they do if this happens during the playoffs?

It is wrong to equate the Broncos situation, or other ones before it, with the Ravens. The NFL will not move games due to competitive balance issues, those are "tough luck" situations. But ongoing infections and lack of virus containment is different. NFL is buying time now.

The NFL is going to have games so many days per week now they’ll be competing with Fed Members to see how often they give nationally televised events.

🚨🚨BREAKING NEWS🚨🚨 Washington at Pittsburgh game moved to Monday!!! FYI: Since 1998, the #WashingtonFootball  team is 5-24 on Monday Nightgames, the worst record in the NFL during that span. @wusa9  @WUSA9sports 

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Houston Texans' wide receiver Will Fuller is suspended for six games for violating the NFL’s policy on performance enhancement substances:

San Francisco's home games in Week 13 and 14 are now going to be played in Arizona, the team announced Monday.

ESPN has announced that two “Monday Night Footballgames in December will be simulcast on ABC.

Thanks to Genshin Impact, gacha games are bigger than ever in America--and just as misunderstood. @kiefferwilson  explains the allure of this controversial genre while listing the best gacha games today..

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The San Francisco 49ers will play their next 2 home games in the Phoenix area after California’s Santa Clara County imposed strict new coronavirus rules

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You didn’t see all of these games, statistical impossibilities, and magic ballots in 2016 because the Democrats figured they had it in the bag and wouldn’t have to break out all the stops.

Crazy Nancy Pelosi and the Radical Left Democrats were just playing “games” with the desperately needed Workers Stimulus Payments.They just wanted to take care of Democrat failed, high crime, Cities and States. They were never in it to help the workers, and they never will be!

Anne Frank spent 2 years hiding in an attic and we’ve been home for just over a month with Netflix, food delivery & video games and there are people risking viral death by storming state capital buildings & screaming, “Open Fuddruckers!”

The National Guard has been released in Minneapolis to do the job that the Democrat Mayor couldn’t do. Should have been used 2 days ago & there would not have been damage & Police Headquarters would not have been taken over & ruined. Great job by the National Guard. No games!

Drinking games do exactly what they say

It’s all fun and games until Carrie Underwood digs her keys into the side of your pretty little souped up 4-wheel drive.

People suffer from mental illness in every other country on earth; people play video games in virtually every other country on earth. The difference is the guns.

So the NBA's inviting 22 teams to Orlando: 13 Western Conference, 9 Eastern Conference. Eight-regular season games per team. Play-in for the 8th seeds. July 31-October 12. Vote tomorrow to ratify. The NBA's back.