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5 Lessons 'The Queen's Gambit' Teaches Us About Achieving Greatness in Life | by @carirosno 

Entertainment litigation can run the gambit from breach of contract suits, to intellectual property claims, labor law, and criminal defense:

The backlog Netflix had built up allowed it to release hit after hit throughout lockdowns: 🎬Tiger King 🎬Emily in Paris 🎬The Crown 🎬The Queen’s Gambit 🎬Bridgerton Oh, and it’s also planning to release a new movie every week in 2021 👀

Belatedly watching The Queen’s Gambit and I’m a little behind the takes curve ... we decided this one is problematic?

'The Queen's Gambit,' @netflix 's record-breaking show, presented to the world what the game of #chess  really is. Now, the stars of Israel's chess scene are coming into the limelight.

Might Joe Biden's stimulus proposal, admittedly an opening gambit in a negotiation with Congress, overheat the economy?

Might Joe Biden's stimulus proposal, admittedly an opening gambit in a negotiation with Congress, overheat the economy?


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I've watched a lot of TV during this cursed year--I know I'm not alone--and the best of the best is THE QUEEN'S GAMBIT, on Netflix. Utterly thrilling. I thought nothing would beat THE TRIAL OF THE CHICAGO SEVEN, but this does.

Romney on the latest gambit by fellow GOP senators

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A record-setting 62 million households chose to watch The Queen’s Gambit in its first 28 days, making it Netflix's biggest scripted limited series to date.

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NEW: The White House publicly denies it. But Trump's own COVID advisers now privately admit that he's pursuing a 'herd immunity' strategy. And that gambit could result in the deaths of thousands and thousands and thousands of people.

It's important to absorb how obscene this Michigangambit is. Detroit is the most African-American city in the USA. Almost 83% black. And straight up the argument is: throw out that city's votes so we can win. Zero evidence of anything but Americans voting. But they don't count.

Did you notice that The Queen’s Gambit costume designer Gabriele Binder masterfully used plaids and checks to evoke chess boards throughout the series?

The @POTUS  sending fed agents into the cities is not designed to actually restore order. It’s designed to undergird his “law and order” campaign theme. It’s not a crime-fighting strategy. It’s a gambit to win back suburban voters. It’s the 2020 version of his failed caravan play.

News Analysis: President Trump thought the nuclear deal was flawed because restrictions on Iran would end after 15 years. But now, Iran declared that those restrictions are over — a decade ahead of schedule. Trump’s gambit has effectively backfired.

Clear now the McSally thing was just a desperate fundraising gambit, because she's getting badly outraised by Mark Kelly and polling behind him.

"He fired his well-respected lawyers and hired a truculent former prosecutor who embraced right-wing conspiracy theories suggesting Flynn was a target of a biased FBI cabal. The efforts were risky and possibly self-defeating. The gambit ultimately failed."