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The Teal election wave is building, with an independent candidate running in Hawthorn - an area which snubbed Josh Frydenberg in May. But the campaign isn't bankrolled by Monique Ryan's backers. @msanto92  #9News 

Former federal treasurer Josh Frydenberg says Matthew Guy can defeat Daniel Andrews at the state election in November because he has a “strong vision” for Victoria.

Former federal treasurer Josh Frydenberg has backed Victorian Liberal Leader Matthew Guy to topple Premier Daniel Andrews at the state election in November.

Last year we compiled 50 lies and falsehoods from then prime minister Scott Morrison. Turns out we (and frydenberg'>Josh Frydenberg, Karen Andrews, Peter Dutton, Michael Pezzullo, Mike Burgess and ASIO etc) missed a few of Morrison's fibs #auspol 

You’d think at some point, between the curries, the pool playing and watching Yes, Minister, Morrison could have let his new bestie Frydenberg in on the fact they were not only sharing The Lodge, they were also sharing Treasury

Andrews revealed Morrison hadn't reached out to her directly after news he contacted former treasurer frydenberg'>Josh Frydenberg and former finance minister Mathias Cormann over jointly controlling their portfolios.

Karen Andrews has claimed Scott Morrison has not reached out to apologise for secretly swearing himself into her portfolio - despite calling Josh Frydenberg and Mathias Cormann about the saga.

Add former treasurer frydenberg'>Josh Frydenberg, former home affairs minister Karen Andrews, and Australia’s top spies to the list of people who former PM Scott Morrison kept in the dark about his secret portfolios. @emmaels  has more details [FREE TO READ] #auspol 

Former treasurer frydenberg'>Josh Frydenberg is understood to be “privately furious” that he was not told about Scott Morrison being sworn in as treasurer last year without his knowledge, says Sky News Chief AnchorKieran Gilbert.

@workmanalice  And with cumulative time served, Scott Morrison will eclipse frydenberg'>Josh Frydenberg as the longer serving Treasurer by about a week.

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At the beginning of this campaign, Murdoch boss Michael Miller said his papers did not have a policy of supporting a single party. Last Sunday — page one puff piece on Peter Dutton. Today, three pages of propaganda for Frydenberg. Miller is a liar.

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Take a look at the Murdoch monopoly's coverage today: 44 articles favouring Morrison; 31 neutral; 12 to Labor. This material is then recycled across TV, radio & online. With the sole aim of re-electing Morrison and saving Frydenberg, who delivered Murdoch's media bargaining code.

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Just a reminder when AGL was planning on going carbon free in 2016 — frydenberg'>Josh Frydenberg called and bullied the board of directors and the CEO — they all quit under duress and a coal friendly board was installed.

I really do hope any Victorians seeing News Corp’s sickening propaganda exercise for frydenberg'>Josh Frydenberg just remember the extent to which both he and they shat all over their own state in the worst days of the pandemic. I certainly won’t forget it. Nor should you. #auspol 

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Before Morrison & the Liberals handed the Solomons to China through foreign policy incompetence, they sold China the Port of Darwin. Check out this happy snap with Frydenberg, Robb & the new 99-year leaseholder. Now Morrison & the Murdoch media lie about Labor’s China policy…

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Frydenberg refuses to answer tax reform question and, FFS, his Budget promises a tax increase for millions once his election splurge passes #insiders 

Australia has the most concentrated media of any democracy. Now Frydenberg wants a Murdoch family insider put in charge of policing the Murdoch empire? Australians deserve to have confidence in the most powerful agency overseeing their media market.

This is called the “ politicians trying to look concerned” posture as a distraction, when the problem of pricing of Rapid Antigen Tests could have been dealt with if Frydenberg’s hopeless government had ordered sufficient supply of kits in the first place.

There’s a reason Scott Morrison & Josh Frydenberg gave Simon Birmingham the hospital pass. They knew that giving $13 billion of taxpayer money to firms with rising revenues is utterly indefensible. #auspol 

Guess which 2 seats have the most #carporks  ? Those of the Treasurer & the Assistant Treasurer. And guess who tops the count in rorted FF&WS announceables? Frydenberg again. Yep, taking care of your money.

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