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Extraordinary and chilling report by @ChristopherJM  on first world war style attacks across no-mans land by Russian troops on the frontline. Putin's new recruits being mowed down

New for @FT : I returned to Bakhmut, the frontline city that's now the bloody focus of Russia's ground war in Ukraine. Relentless airstrikes and artillery attacks have destroyed much of the city. It's a ghost town on its way to becoming a wasteland.

The frontline in Bakhmut has barely moved in months. Winter has advantages: hard ground's easier to advance on. But disadvantages. "The ground is cold and hard, so even when [Russians] take new forward positions, they have difficulty digging in deep enough to shelter themselves."

Soaring respiratory infections among children have frontline health-care workers pleading for the revival of mask usage, something the provincial health officer remains lukewarm on.

Map of the frontline in eastern Ukraine, locating the city of Bakhmut#AFPgraphics  @AFP 

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´There was rarely more than five seconds between artillery explosions on both sides of the frontline. The ground shook and the clear winter sky was hazy from the smoke. Russian drones could be heard buzzing overhead.’ @FT ⁩ @ChristopherJM ⁩

Lithuania Modernizes Frontline Policing with Body-Worn Cameras from Motorola Solutions $MSI

According to a survey, about 78% Delhi-NCR's frontline workforce is employed in the e-commerce sector. Aryaman Gupta reports #Delhi  #NCR  #Ecommerce  #FrontlineWorkers 

IT major @Infosys  and #HCLTechnologies  were the top culprits engineering fall in frontline indices #Sensex  and #Nifty50 . The IT pack was the worst performing sector today with Nifty50 declining be nearly 3 per cent on the intraday basis. READ MORE:


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Happening now on the frontline near the eastern city of Avdiivka, Russian forces are using white phosphorus against Ukrainians. 📸 Photos from a Ukrainian lieutenant taken in real-time moments ago as we spoke. He described the situation as “madness.”

If you don't recognise these tactics, then you haven't been paying attention. From Kharkiv's frontline, #Ukraine  @dcinfocus  and Feras. With thanks to our local team. @BBCNews  @BBCWorld  Graphic content warning.

If Democrats controlled the Senate: - the cash payments would be $1200 not $600 - there would be $175 billion, not $25 billion, to help people pay the rent - there would be flexible money for states and cities and bonus checks for frontline workers Let’s win Georgia.

Please NATO leaders, send all MIG fighter jets that we have -- 70 altogether, 27 alone in Poland -- to Ukraine right now. NOW! And once Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, and Slovakia send these planes, other NATO countries should send air reinforcements to these frontline states.

3 things I have learned about the #coronavirus  crisis. 1. Hospitals are not the frontline in this war. You are. The medics treat the fallen. 2. The virus doesn’t spread. You spread it. 3. There is no medical solution yet (& maybe ever). You are the solution.

This couple, Lesya and Valeriy, just got married next to the frontline in Kyiv. They are with the territorial defense.

Wearing a mask shows you respect the people around you. Wearing a mask shows your gratitude for frontline workers. Wearing a mask shows you care about defeating this virus. Let’s all do our part—wear a mask.

The annual income for frontline workers: Nursing assistants: $34K Restaurant cooks: $27K Home health aides: $24K Cashiers: $22K What Jeff Bezos made in one day: $13 billion If this doesn't convince you our economy is broken, I don't know what will.

It's disrespectful to our frontline workers –⁠ and to your neighbors –⁠ not to wear a mask in public when you can't socially distance. Why? Because you don't wear a mask to protect yourself. You wear one to protect others.

‘It’s time to move on’ says government that’s worked harder to safeguard one man’s job in three days than it has to protect frontline workers and care home residents in three months.