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Local businesses are still trying to figure out how to respond to the new CDC guidelines on masks. Tonight on the 6 O'Clock News we speak with multiple business owners about how they're handling it. Tune in to FOX 12.

Making Money on Fox Biz 2PM Tough sledding as street loses confidence Fed can stop the inflation tidal wave. WH war on small business. Time to buy the dip? Smart experts have answers. @dannydanon  on Hamas attack. RT Song: Take This Job and Shove It

Making Money with Charles Payne Fox Business 2pm

Sly as a fox: How Wilbur Ross slipped out of scandal and back into business

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Post-COVID, no action from Biden, Dems was required for job market to soar. Now look at the mess they've made @AndyPuzder  / Fox Business)

Selloff Continues Buying the Dip Growth Capitulation Inflation Threat vs Hype America Open for Business Help Wanted The Newsome Stimmy @AliciaLevinePhD  @MarkTepperSWP  @davidnelsoncfa  @shanas621  @Tiger_WM  @patricepinkfileng @lonskijohn money'>Mak @PatricePinkFileng @LonskiJohn Money 2PM Fox Biz Tune In

Atlanta native and longtime Fox 5 sports anchor Ken Rodriguez announced Monday he is retiring after nearly 30 years at the station and 40 years in the TV business.

TONIGHT ON FOX 45 and ABC 22: @BrynFOX45Now  speaks with a local business about the incentives they're offering to get workers. Tune in at 10/11 p.m. ET for the full story.


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Yea, #QuidPro Joe had no idea what was going on and never discussed business with his son!? Joe, Hunter Biden seen golfing with Ukraine gas company exec back in 2014, photo shows | Fox News

Fox Business' @cvpayne  on GDP growth: “these numbers are absolutely remarkable”

Wednesday through Friday last week, Newsmax TV surpassed Fox Business and CNBC in all key day ratings:

Newsmax beats CNBC and Fox Business in ratings for the second straight week

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The Fox Business anchor Trish Regan, who dismissed coronavirus concerns on-air as “another attempt to impeach the president,” has been removed from her prime-time slot for the foreseeable future, the network said on Friday

I agree with Jared, time to safely reopen and start rebuilding the economy! America is resilient, let’s make it great agin! USKushner sees a comeback from coronavirus lockdown crisis | Fox Business

Hello I'm hosting a Town Hall on Capitalism and Socialism next week on the Fox Business Network. I think this will be the central issue in 2020 and beyond and want to get all sides in fairly. I'm inviting you to explain why Democratic socialism is the best system for USA

Reporters ask Nunes if DOJ complied with his demand to get answers by 5pm. His response: “We don’t talk about committee business outside of the committee.” He talked about committee business on “Fox and Friends” this morning

In other words, don’t think critically, don’t consult multiple news sources, and in general, don’t use your brain. Just blindly obey Fox News. This is fringe shit, and it’s business like this that makes me embarrassed to work for this company.

no big deal, just Fox Business News giving a platform to a smear of Sen. John McCain's time being tortured in a Vietnamese POW camp.