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The Office of the Ombudsman has dismissed direct and indirect bribery complaints against former senator Leila de Lima and former bodyguard Ronnie Dayan. READ:

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The Chelan County Sheriff’s Office said the 25-year-old man was seen kayaking without a life jacket when he went underwater this past Sunday.

JUST IN: Chicago Bears linebacker Roquan Smith has requested a trade, accusing the team's new front office of negotiating in bad faith.

Roquan Smith said in a statement that he is requesting a trade from the Chicago Bears after the front office "refused to negotiate in good faith" & "doesn't value" the 25-year-old linebacker, who says he's been trying to get an extension done since April.

Shake Shack fell short of its quarterly earnings goal, saying a “muted return to office trend” hampered full urban recovery.

Office and school seating plans are the key to social mobility 🔵 @RyanShorthouse  for @ipaperviews 

At least three Ukrainian civilians were killed and 23 others were wounded by Russian shelling in 24 hours, including an attack not far from a Russian-occupied nuclear power plant, the office of Ukraine's president reported Tuesday.

If Trump broke law on removal of records, would he be barred from office?

Our Office of Early Childhood Development recently hosted a webinar to discuss Native#languagerevitalization  and immersion curricula in Tribal#ECE  programs. Find the recording and related upcoming events here. #Tribal  #earlychildhood 

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KNIFE-WIELDING MAN ARRESTED: A 32-year-old man from Stock Island was arrested Monday after threatening his brother with a knife, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office said Tuesday.


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A woman’s life was saved because a bystander remembered how to do CPR thanks to this scene from The Office. RT to quite literally save a life.

My oath of office is to the U.S. Constitution, not to any foreign nation. Congress is trying yet again to ram through a spending bill – one that I doubt anyone has actually read – and there’s no oversight included into how the money is being spent.

@tomselliott  @mehdirhasanSame  org that covered up Hunter Biden laptop story, had Harvey Weinstein story early & killed it & built Matt Lauer his rape office. Lovely people.

Federal ethics law: "An employee shall not use or permit the use of his Government position or title or any authority associated with his public office to endorse any product, service or enterprise ... "

I can assure you that my departure from office is going to be very boring.

Joe Biden should not wrongfully claim the office of the President. I could make that claim also. Legal proceedings are just now beginning!


While I may be the first woman in this office, I will not be the last—because every little girl watching tonight sees that this is a country of possibilities.

Hunter Biden’s laptop is a disaster for the entire Biden family, but especially for his father, Joe. It is now a proven fact, and cannot be denied, that all of that info is the REAL DEAL. That makes it impossible for “50%, or 10%” Joe, to ever assume the office of the President!

Innocent until proven guilty is for criminal convictions, not elections. I believe Leigh Corfman. Her account is too serious to ignore. Moore is unfit for office and should step aside.