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Everything will change when FOMC decides 0.00 bps rate hike increase on 22th March. If that’s the case you can expect that money printer will run back on turbo. Whatever happens between this day and 22th of March is market makers pricing in and positioning for the next moves.

Fund funds futures price terminal upper bound rate of 5.25% to be reached at JuneFOMC meeting with 66% odds, up from a 5% upper bound rate yesterday. Apparently ensuring bank stability gives the Fed the runway they need to keep hiking a bit more.

"There is a possibility that the FOMC keeps the rate unchanged, or even cuts it."

Banks! Keep them on watch till FOMC! Lot of money can be made. $XLF $JPM $IWM

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free 7 days on @decentrader  so you can follow along in the discord + with all the tools, going into FOMC next week if you wish.

By Friday, I would expect a Timiraos article implying the FOMC members are coalescing around 25 bps.

Fed goes into silent period to prepare for next @federalreserve  #FOMC  👇

VIXperation is next Wednesday, same day as the FOMC rate decision. Just to add a little bit of extra spice to price. 🌶️

"The 0.5% m/m rise in core consumer prices last month adds to the evidence that inflation remains stubbornly high, but the ongoing fallout from the SVB crisis over the coming days is still likely to have a bigger bearing on what happens at next week’s FOMC meeting." - @CapEconUS 

Give them 0.25 bps and get 4 or 5 FOMC members to further lift their Terminal Rate forecasts so theres somethg for evryone at the dotplot


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Goldman Sachs: “In light of recent stress in the banking system, we no longer expect the FOMC to deliver a rate hike at its March 22 meeting with considerable uncertainty about the path beyond March.”

The Fed is barreling towards a fourth straight 75-basis-point rate rise at the NovemberFOMC meeting. That meeting could serve as a critical staging ground for future plans, including whether and how to step down to 50 basis points in December

JUST IN: USFOMC minutes reveal the Federal Reserve is committed to raising interest rates.

Leaked footage from the FOMC press conference 😱

FOMC decision: 25 bps increase (approved unanimously) FOMC statement: Minimal changes to the forward guidance “Ongoing increases” language is retained

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1/x🧵 THE JAPAN MOMENT IS NOW. If you think crypto is crazy right now, watch what's happening to the worlds MOST indebted #g7  country! Forget FOMC. Forget 3AC. Forget Celcius. Since 2010 I've been closely following this situation... Thanks to @Jkylebass 

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Fed hikes by 75 basis points. New sentence in the FOMC statement signals more increases but hints at possibly smaller increments

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Investors preparing for the FOMC decision

Key upcoming dates to watch 🚨: Sept 13: CPI data Sept 15: $ETH merge Sept 16: Mt. Gox Claims Deadline Sept 21: FOMC rate hike decision Sept 22: $ADA Vasil HardforkSeptember is set to be a busy month.