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Beijing shrugged off IMF warnings about the economic impact of its aggressive anti-Covid policy, saying that China has achieved "significant results" and is a key driver of global growth

Melbourne is in for another hot night with minimums in the low twenties, with severe weather warnings also in place for tomorrow. @LNixon9  #9News 

China shrugs off IMF warnings on zero-tolerance Covid approach

@KayBurley  will be joined by shadow education sec @bphillipsonMP  amid warnings the return to school is driving COVID cases and could lead to another surge in adults. More: 🕗 8.05 👉 📺 Sky 501 / Freeview#KayBurley33  📱 Watch:

Canadians are still traveling internationally in large numbers despite warnings against non-essential travel. Epidemiologist @drlabos  weighs in on Canada's travel protocols.

China shrugs off IMF warnings on zero-tolerance COVID approach

China shrugs off IMF warnings on zero-tolerance COVID-19 approach

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As warnings echoed against deliberate exposure to Omicron, to develop immunity, health reform advocate Dr. Tony Leachon also raised the alarm over another debilitating impact of the disease—loss of income by families. | @CeBacligINQ 

The Devil We Know. But who the hell is this? "If we have a sea of people if we shut down the streets shut down everything flood Capitol building go inside public buildings we own them do u understand we pay all the people that work in these buildings." MTG

Many flood-impacted residents of B.C.'s Sumas Prairie are trapped in "limbo" as they wait for promised financial assistance from the government.


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Black parents need to flood these tip lines with complaints about our history being silenced. We are parents too

“If I get corona, I get corona. At the end of the day, I'm not gonna let it stop me from partying”: Spring breakers are still flocking to Miami, despite coronavirus warnings.

Finally saw the @netflix  film “Don’t Look Up,” a fictional tale of a Nation distracted by pop-culture and divided on whether to heed dire warnings of scientists. Everything I know about news-cycles, talk shows, social media, & politics tells me the film was instead a documentary

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Boris Johnson skipped five Cobra meetings on the virus, calls to order protective gear were ignored and scientists’ warnings fell on deaf ears Failings in February may have cost thousands of lives

I'm quitting Facebook. Not comfortable with the flood of false information that's allowed in its political advertising, nor am I confident in its ability to protect its users' privacy. Follow me (and Molly, aka The Thing of Evil) on Twitter, if you like.

Today is the 55th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act––one of the crowning achievements of our democracy. But once the Supreme Court weakened it, some state legislatures unleashed a flood of laws designed specifically to make voting harder, especially in communities of color.

Trump, you incompetent idiot! You sent 18 tons of PPE to China early but ignored warnings & called COVID19 concerns a hoax. You've endangered doctors, nurses, aids, orderlies, & janitors - all risking their lives to save ours. Pray 4 forgiveness for the harm that you're causing!

We've seen all too terribly the consequences of those who denied warnings of a pandemic. We can't afford any more consequences of climate denial. All of us, especially young people, have to demand better of our government at every level and vote this fall.

If the Fake News Opposition Party is pushing, with all their might, the fact that President Trump “ignored early warnings about the threat,” then why did Media & Dems viciously criticize me when I instituted a Travel Ban on China? They said “early & not necessary.” Corrupt Media!

I don’t usually get into this, but seems like the next time the president says “who had any idea something like this could happen” the next question from whoever should be “what about all the warnings by the health agencies and intelligence community that are all documented?”