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Finnish PM @MarinSanna : “It’s not right that at the same time as Russia is waging an aggressive, brutal war of aggression in Europe, Russians can live a normal life, travel in Europe, be tourists. It’s not right.”

The US Senate vote last week for Finland and Sweden to join NATO “went bewilderingly fast,” said Finnish President@niinisto . FI But #Finland  now must complete the integration into #NATO  and figure out its position in the Alliance, writes @RasmusHindren .

Russian hackers claim another denial-of-service attack on Finnish state website

Russians targeted Finnish govt’s publication archive

Russian DDoS group Noname057 takes credit for the DDoS attack against the website of the Finnish Parliament and justifies the attack with Finland’s NATO membership application.

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'It is not right that while Russia is conducting an aggressive and cruel attack in Europe, Russians can live a kind of normal life, travel in Europe, be tourists,' Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin says, favoring an EU-wide curb on Russian tourism.

Finnish parliament website hit by Russian cyber attack

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HU "The Hungarian position on support for Finnish and Swedish NATO membership is less than enthusiastic. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán will probably be the last to ratify, " writes @AndrasSimonyi  . "However, in the end he will ratify. " Read more:


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Here’s what this Senate accomplished just in recent weeks: ✅CHIPS and Science Bill ✅PACT Act ✅The Finnish and Swedish accession to NATO for democracy ✅Gun safety bill ✅Water Resources Development Act ✅More judicial confirmations ✅And now—the Inflation Reduction Act

I have been waiting for this day for 30 years. Announcement on Finnish@NATO  membership imminent.

#Zakharova : We regard the Finnish government’s commitment to a military non-alignment policy as an important factor in ensuring security and stability in northern Europe. ☝️Finland’s accession to @NATO  would have serious military and political repercussions.

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Finnish@NATO  membership will be win-win for Nato, Finland and the whole Baltic Sea region. Reserves 900K. Mobilisation 250-300K. Nato compatibility beyond the call of duty. Track record of joint exercises and operations. Sophisticated intel. F-18 and F-35. Safer together.

Dear International Media, detecting an emerging narrative, through some twisted headlines, that Finnish and Swedish @NATO  membership will shift Russian action to North Eastern Europe. Please be aware that this is the type of disinformation that Russia wants to spread. 1/2

Macron's face after trying Finnish coffee is my favorite kind of French despair

Finnish Customs has detained 21 yachts possibly owned by oligarchs

Trump told the Finnish President Just now he enjoyed spending time with him at the NATO summit. Finland is not part of NATO. #awkward