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Jake Arrieta believes ⚾️ can complete season He says ⚾️ is different than 🏈 and 🏀 because of social distancing on field and spacing He says testing protocols have been great but big challenge will be traveling on road and continuing to stay away from others outside ballpark

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Céspedes says he is ready to play left field whenever the Mets ask, in addition to DH. He is also confident he can have a major impact offensively. "It's like riding a bike," he said of hitting big league pitching.

Players have lots to think about, on and off the field, while trying to prepare for a baseball season during a pandemic.

Just as hype on the course as he is on the field 😤 @Chiefs  QB @PatrickMahomes5  is playing in th @ACChampionship  for the first time! Watch now on NBC or stream here:

There's something incredible beautiful about seeing the Glastonburyfield completely empty 🍃☀️

🗣 "He concentrates so hard on the off-field aspect, which is as big as the on-field. We try and emulate what our gaffer is." @daRealAkinfenwa  on the work behind the scenes that goes into creating play-off finalists Wycombe's team spirit 👇

The the face-off between finances tied to playing a college football season and the health of those on the field, sports columnist @GordonMonson  finds it comforting @utahathletics  Director Mark Harlan has his priorities straight.

Yoenis Cespedes says he can play left field, besides being used as a DH, and is confident that his experience will overcome the fact he hasn't faced a pitcher in an #MLB  game in two years. He feels much better now, he says, than back in March.

The views are amazing and the field is world-class! Catch@StephenCurry30 , @PatrickMahomes5 , Tony Romo and more in th @ACChampionship  LIVE o @nbc  #ACCGolf 

Graduates sat on the football field — six feet apart.


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...Nobody’s been tougher on Russia than the Trump Administration. With Corrupt Joe Biden & Obama, Russia had a field day, taking over important parts of Ukraine - Where’s Hunter? Probably just another phony Times hit job, just like their failed Russia Hoax. Who is their “source”?

Getting great reviews, finally, for how well we are handling the pandemic, especially our strong production of desperately needed ventilators, the building of field hospitals & beds, and soon, the great things we are doing on testing. People are really working well together!

This drone footage captures NYC workers burying bodies in a mass grave on Hart Island, just off the coast of the Bronx. For over a century, the island has served as a potter’s field for deceased with no known next of kin or families unable to pay for funerals.

This is not a drill. RT for your chance to win tickets to #WorldSeries  Game 5 at field'>Wrigley Field. #FlyTheW 

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Congress is doing its job by providing emergency funding. But the president must do his. Where are the tests? Where are the field hospitals? Where are the ventilators? Where are the masks? We won’t be distracted by his baseless attacks on the press.

I woke up on the same bus and we had stopped and when I got outside we where doing a show on a field by my old house, miss you little house

Loved Chicago last night .. top quality crowd. Soldier field is a great stadium too .. Thanks for having us

finally the whole country will watch as a woman stands politely listening to a loud man's bad ideas about the field she spent her life in