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Democratic Attorney General Bob Ferguson is touting a record of 35 legal wins over the Trump administration. His Republican challenger, Matt Larkin, says he'd lay off Trump and focus on crime and violent protests in Seattle.

Media experts say hiring security is a practice increasingly used by local media, particularly TV stations, since the 2015 Ferguson police protests and the 2016 campaign of President Donald Trump.

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson, who has taken on the Trump administration 80 times in four years, faces GOP challenger Matt Larkin. #waelex 

#Europe : Morning: Equities opened lower ahead of 1st presidential debate b/w Trump & Biden due later today. In UK, Ferguson resumed paying dividends; stock↑. French energy firm Total to buy UK's EV charging network from Bollore #CAC  -0.30 #DAX  -0.56 #FTSE  -0.88%.

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‘We’re in Cold War 2 – China is the Soviet Union’s heir. India under PM Modi is very close to the USA’ Niall Ferguson, a renowned historian and authority on geopolitics, spoke with TOI about China, India-USA, Trump, Putin – and Cold War 2.

The Australian’s Political Reporter Richard Ferguson says US President Donald Trump made a “political error” by choosing Amy Coney Barrett as his Supreme Court nominee and should have chosen Barbara Lagoa instead.

Oath Keepers are a virulently anti-government group that have been a fixture at protests and political hot spots from Ferguson to Trump rallies, and have been banned from Twitter after peddling conspiracy theories expressing thirst for Civil War

Bob Ferguson has sued Trump and his federal policies 80 times now. But it's a case he entered to defend a federal law that may be the most consequential yet, columnist Danny Westneat writes.

Bob Ferguson has sued Trump and his federal policies 80 times now. But it's a case he entered to defend a federal law that may be the most consequential yet, columnist Danny Westneat writes.

And if you’re on the right, fine, pick up some niall Ferguson bullshit about how western imperialism was actually benevolent and good and chill. You’ll have way more fun with that than u will whatever Trump’s commission ends up endorsing


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#HANNITY : Obama goes after Trump, chaos in Chicago & BIG developments in Flynn, McCloskey & Ferguson cases! Great guests @marklevinshow  @larryelder  @TheLeoTerrell  , Raymond Lopez@dbongino  @SidneyPowell1  @GOPLeader  & Mark McCloskey. Be sure to tune in at 9PM EST!

Note on K-pop stans and Tiktok teens playing the algorithms a they fake-snatched Trump tickets. From my 2016 book: Activists etc. are *always* attuned to such algorithms. But also note how Facebook's algorithm had downplayed Ferguson in 2014. Notice the gatekeeping by platforms.

Seeing some commentary saying that this type of hostility toward the press is due to Trump. Police in Ferguson did this on many nights. Full camera crews and reporters targeted with arrests, tear gas, rubber bullets and on some nights threatened with lethal force. That was 2014

Biden's running a "return to normalcy" campaign. That's smart, and probably his only serious move. Trump will have to savage Biden on his record, point out that "normalcy" under Obama was Ferguson and low growth rates and Obamacare.

"These boys were on a holiday": Trump family members promote themselves, and businesses, on European trip, by @DavidNakamura  @ToluseO  & Amanda Ferguson

Do you think this began with this admin or are you purposefully ignoring Occupy, bussed-in rioters paid by MORE to go to Ferguson, Weather Underground, etc? And if you blame Trump, what of Hillary, Booker, Waters, Holder, even Obama? By your logic they called for violence.

Rebecca Ferguson asked to sing at Donald Trump's inauguration ceremony & will accept if she can sing Strange Fruit

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How Washington's attorney general Bob Ferguson crippled President Trump's travel ban

Trump has to learn the very important truth stated by Washington AG Bob Ferguson: "No one is above the law, not even the president."

Singer Rebecca Ferguson wants to perform "Strange Fruit," a famous song about racism, at Trump's inauguration

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