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New Study Finds Sweden's Refusal To Lock Down Saved The Economy Without Sacrificing Lives@MrMaitra  / The Federalist)

The Federalist really, really wants you to know how it feels about dropping the atomic bomb on Japan.

Today's post: "The Federalist Papers#14 : A Republic Can Be Geographically Large—James Madison"

New post: "The Federalist Papers#14 : A Republic Can Be Geographically Large—James Madison"

The Federalist's Sean Davis retweeted a thread by a "naturopathic" doctor claiming that masks cause kidney damage, in addition to brain damage and heart damage, while weakening the immune system.

Federalist co-founder pushes claim face masks damage kidneys and brain

In June, @SenMikeLee  said the Federalist "is an essential, transparent news media outlet that publishes a diverse array of voices. It employs dogged, must-read reporters who seek the truth by following the facts. "

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On The Federalist and in Fox News appearances, some of President Trump’s supporters don’t really defend him. Instead, they attack those the president has declared his enemies, often by reducing them to a culture war caricature of liberalism

Donor to President Trump and Roy Moore revealed as secret funder of right-wing Federalist: report

Trump donor revealed as a secret funder of the conservative outlet The Federalist: NYT


Most relevant

The co-founder of the Federalist Society, who voted for Trump and opposed both the Mueller probe and Ukraine impeachment, says the president’s tweet about delaying the election is grounds for impeachment:

Folks, this is the co-founder of one of the most established conservative Republican organizations...The Federalist Society. The earth is beginning to shake.

Christopher Bedford, The Federalist Senior Editor. “There is NOTHING NEW in these Emails at all that’s been discovered. It’s exactly what we knew before, which is that the White House & political figures wanted to cut off aid, Trump wanted to question aid to a number of....

Google threatens to demonetize The Federalist during an election year. The Federalist employs @MZHemingway , @seanmdav , and @ProfMJCleveland . Three people who helped us get to the bottom of the Russia-collusion hoax. Free speech isn’t just what you agree with.

For years, @senatemajldr  McConnell has protected shadowy billionaires from revealing the $$$ they spend rigging the system. Now we learn that Leonard Leo and the Federalist Society have spent $250 MILLION from anonymous donors to reshape the courts...

Attorney General Bill Barr slams the constant efforts to undermine the president in a speech to the Federalist Society

“Everyone knows there was a Spy, and in fact the people who were involved in the Spying are admitting that there was a Spy...Widespread Spying involving multiple people.” Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist Senior Editor But the corrupt Mainstream Media hates this monster story!

Sen. Chris Murphy confirmed The Federalist’s reporting that he privately met with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif without State Department knowledge or approval in Munich last week. Chris Murphy Finally Admits He Secretly Met With Iranian Regime

Sean Davis, The Federalist: “Mueller proved his entire operation was a political hit job. Still ZERO evidence of Trump-Russia Collusion, and no new evidence from Mueller.” @TuckerCarlson  @FoxNews 

You can’t make this stuff up anymore: In Palm Beach County, Democrats Argue To Count Votes Cast By Non-Citizens - The Federalist