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@PensionsDave  Willis towers Watson have been providing incorrect figures on a pension over £90k pa since October 2022, when the client reached NPA. Now very pleased they’ve been so incompetent !

A former barrister dubbed “the female Basil Fawlty” after she attacked staff while working as a hotelier on the English riviera has been kicked out of the legal profession

If they successfully convert office towers into residential buildings, where are you living?

Letter to the editor: There have always been rogue cops, and there were ways of weeding them out. Police officers don’t live in ivory towers.

South Brisbane could look a whole lot different if a proposal to allow 90-storey (274m-high) apartment towers gets the green light.⁠ ⁠ What do you think about this plan?⁠ 🤔 ⁠ Read more about the proposal 👉

The petition calls for two police call towers in both the Calvert Square and Young Terrace areas of the city.

Lawyer dubbed ‘the female Basil Fawlty’ is disbarred for attacking hotel staff

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If they successfully concert office towers into residential buildings, where are you living?

Oklahoma City dodges 'zombie office towers' so far, but has dealt with dead-eyed vacant buildings before


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it becomes more obvious all the time that Nancy Pelosi - as a matter of strength, temperament and effectiveness - towers over other leaders in Congress

#WATCH | Once taller than Qutub Minar, Noida Supertech twin towers, reduced to rubble

We got tricked by science fiction into thinking a futuristic city is all about flying cars and crystal towers and hologram billboards but what it really looks like is nice apartment blocks, good mass transit, pedestrian zones with shade trees and safe bike lanes.

BREAKING: The city of North Miami Beach has ordered that Crestview Towers Condominium be immediately closed and evacuated Friday evening after a building inspection report found it to have unsafe structural and electrical conditions, officials announced.

45 years later and I still haven't hung up the picture. Fawlty Towers premiered on this day in 1975. What was your favourite line?

My eldest: can I download Fortnite? Me: No. My eldest: All my friends have it & play & im the ONLY one who can’t play. Me: let me play it and see. *zach goes to bed* I’m now 2 hours in, dressed as some kind of Raven, on my way to Tilted Towers with 3 people I don’t know ?‍♀️?

I was in NYC on 9/11. I watched the towers fall. I saw people jump out of the towers. I lost people I loved. I have nightmares to this day. I damn well remember. I will never forget. The attacks by Trump against Ilhan Omar incite violence. Despicable Donald. #IStandWithIlhan 

Donald Trump is SO offended by Rep Omar’s general description of 9/11, and yet, as the towers were falling and Americans dying, his instant response was not one of horror or sadness, but of pride. He bragged that the attack had made his building the tallest in downtown NYC. #SICK 

Reporters should now state clearly that the president lied about Barack Obama and our British allies tapping phones at Trump Towers.