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Officers fired more tear gas toward the southern end of the stadium and into the stands. Bottlenecks formed at exits, which were wide enough for one or two people to pass at a time, eyewitnesses said.

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“I held my hands up and begged for mercy.” Two eyewitnesses describe the attack at a childcare centre in Thailand in which dozens of people, most of them children, were killed Here's what we know about the attack

#Karnataka : Crowd enters ASI-protected mosque i #Bidar  , chant Vande Mataram & pro-Hindu slogans. Four people have been arrested Eyewitnesses express concern over the incident & demand strict action against all the culprits @madhavgk 

"He shot at the door while the children were sleeping." Eyewitnesses have been describing a knife and gun attack at a childcare centre in northeast Thailand, where authorities say at least 37 people were killed ⤵️ 🔗:

A number of police cars and North West Ambulance Service vehicles were at the scene, according to eyewitnesses

Eyewitnesses at the scene said they saw the man sitting in the window of his flat, which is believed to be on the third floor. He then slipped and fell to the ground below

#Earthquake  44 km SE of #Khvoy  ( #Iran ) 30 min ago (local time 03:51:32). Colored dots represent local shaking & damage reported by eyewitnesses. Share your experience: 📱 🌐

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#Earthquake  in 27 km E of #Khvoy  ( #Iran ) 49 min ago (local time 03:51:29). Updated map - Colored dots represent local shaking & damage level reported by eyewitnesses. Share your experience via: 📱 🌐

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#Earthquake  10 km E of #Genova  ( #Italy ) 36 min ago (local time 23:41:09). Colored dots represent local shaking & damage reported by eyewitnesses. Share your experience: 📱 🌐

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Eyewitnesses saw armed police surround a street in Wirral


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"We were sitting on the ground singing the national anthem, most of us had flags in our hands and we raised it up. They opened fire at us ... it became total chaos." Eyewitnesses of the #Lekkitollgate  #EndSARS  protest talk about Tuesday night's shooting:

Nigerian protests turn bloody as soldiers open fire on peaceful protesters. Eyewitnesses told CNN that multiple demonstrators were shot by soldiers. @EleniGiokos  reports.

In Chernihiv Oblast, Russians killed 3 boys who were just walking down the street on 14 March: 17-year-old twin brothers Yevhen and Bohdan &18 yo ValentynAcc to eyewitnesses, Valentyn lost half of his head, Yevhen was shot in the chest. All died on spot

"Videos obtained by CNN, corroborated by testimony from eight eyewitnesses, an audio forensic analyst and an explosive weapons expert, suggest that Abu Akleh was shot dead in a targeted attack by Israeli forces."

"Members of the Nigerian army pulled up on us and they started firing. They were shooting, they were firing straight, directly at us, and a lot of people got hit." Eyewitnesses say Nigerian forces opened fire on protesters in Lagos

Protests against police brutality in Lagos turned bloody on Tuesday despite a state-wide curfew, with eyewitnesses telling CNN that multiple demonstrators have been shot by soldiers

1st question: Why no post mortem or autopsy on Gandhiji's body? 2nd : Why Abha and Manu as direct eyewitnesses not questioned in court? 3rd: How many empty chambers in Godse's revolver? Italian revolver "untraceable"!! Why? We need to re-open the case

Man fires on passengers in tram in Dutch city of Utrecht, several people reported injured, eyewitnesses say

#LDTPoll : Do you believe the Dimms and National Left-Wing media are attacking President Trump for pointing out Christine Blasey Ford's inability to produce any evidence, eyewitnesses or corroboration of any kind to support her allegations against Judge Kavanaugh?

1. Sarah Sanders sent me the list of "eyewitnesses" that the White House says exonerates Trump. It's something.